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La Nostra Casa in Italia

Last week I returned home from my first time to Europe. I would say this was a trip of a lifetime, but it is more like the first of a lifetime. Traveling has been a love of mine for a long time and I am blessed to have been as many places as I have. I love hearing the history of an area while experiencing it first hand. I learned a lot on this trip, ate an obscene amount of carbs and saw beautiful sites, but I am going to focus on sharing the home we rented in Tuscany, Italy, for 5 days as a family. This is a real estate blog after all. I would love to share more about my trip over coffee…. or pasta!

The home we rented is owned by IT and computer guru Bruno, and staffed with the most genuine couple, Marinela and Rafeal. The house is over 800 years old with tons of character and is tucked away from most civilization in the countryside of Tuscany. I took great video on my iphone but it did not transfer to my computer clearly, so I leave you with pictures!


[Front of the house. Enter to the left through a small courtyard to the front door.]


[Entry way. Kitchen to the right, living room to the left, upstairs via the back left]


[In the kitchen with Marinela and Rafeal right before dinner]


[Dining room where we enjoyed dinner and a fire every night.]


[Oldest room in the house. Once used as storage shed. Check out the ceiling!]


[One of the bedrooms upstairs. Cozy.]


[Master Bedroom]


[Porch area leading in to the kitchen.]


[Taking in some sunshine on east side of the house.]


[Back of the house from the garden area.]


[Stunning view down the road from our house]



If you are in the market for a villa in Tuscany, I hear he might be ready to sell.  😉


Grazie per aver letto!

Sunday Funday Realtor Style

The change of seasons seems to get me in a shopping mood. And what more fun thing to shop for than a new house! Let’s get you in to a new house before Jack Frost makes his bitter return to the midwest. Which means we should start the hunt today!

This Sunday I will be hosting an open house at 3012 W Courtyard Lane in Sioux Falls from 1- 2:30 p.m. This 4 bedroom, 3 bath home with a three stall garage has all the room you would need for a growing family!



[Located in southern Sioux Falls with new roof in 2015]



[Walk out leads to spacious backyard and entertainment space]



[Open floor plan and stainless steel appliances]



[Stop by for a sweet treat!]


To see more of this gorgeous home, come visit me this Sunday! If you’re unavailable, we can set up a private showing that works with your schedule.

And if you want to know what other open houses are happening, contact me about my free mobile app that allows you to see that information and more!


Have a great weekend Sioux Falls!

The Grass Will Be Greener With Mark Everhart

Don’t be the neighbor with the untamed, weed-infested lawn that everyone rolls their eyes at while driving by. Be the neighbor with an elusive green lawn without a dandelion in sight. You will thank yourself later for the incomparable curb appeal.  Mark Everhart, owner of Everhart Landscaping, can perform regular mowing, keep the weeds out, and maintain a healthy lawn for you and your family. I have known Mark a few years now and can attest to his honest, hardworking and passionate service. He truly cares about your lawn and will take the time to explain his work and the benefit it provides. I love having a green, weed-free lawn with out breaking the bank!

Below are paraphrased answers from Mark about his fertilization process and why he loves seeing and treating home owner’s green lawns!


How did you get started in landscaping?
I got started in the lawn service after driving my stepfathers car across the Canton practice football field in the spring of 1976. I had to fill the ruts and seed grass. Twenty years later, I fell in love with taking care of grass at a Reformed Church Ministry in Annville, Kentucky. Forty years later I am still taking care of grass.


File_000 (17)

[Mark doing a spring application on my lawn in Sioux Falls]


What do you love most about taking care of other’s lawns?

I love the business and personal relationships I create with customers. I also enjoy the beauty of a nourished lawn. I believe a healthy and beautiful lawn is an experience and can contribute to your overall health.



File_001 (8)

[Mark walks an average of 3 gallons per 1000 feet]


How does your fertilization process differ from the self applications done by the homeowner?

It is difficult to control weeds with bag fertilizer. With liquid fertilizer, there is better contact with the weed which kills them more efficiently, especially in the spring.  Liquid fertilizer offers a residual kill by absorbing through the plant versus the soil.


File_002 (6)

[This 300 gallon tank holds herbicide for weeds and fertilizer]


What general advice do you have for homeowners taking care of their lawn? Especially those that are considering resale in the next year or two.

Especially if you are planning on selling your home in the near future, I would hire a professional service in time to do 2 applications. This will be to start the fertilization process and stimulate the grass. From there, you can make the decision if the lawn needs more attention.


What is the biggest mistake you see in lawn care?

The biggest mistake you can make in lawn care is doing nothing at all. You have invested time and money in to your home, so it is important to keep up with lawn care just as it’s important to keep up with maintenance. Rather then ‘letting it go’, doing a couple applications a year and a little up keep will save you a major headache down the line.


If you want ideas on how to get your house looking its best, give me a call or text at 605.261.8396, I would love to bounce around some ideas! And for a beautiful and healthy lawn, be sure to contact Everhart Landscaping!