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La Nostra Casa in Italia

Last week I returned home from my first time to Europe. I would say this was a trip of a lifetime, but it is more like the first of a lifetime. Traveling has been a love of mine for a long time and I am blessed to have been as many places as I have. I love hearing the history of an area while experiencing it first hand. I learned a lot on this trip, ate an obscene amount of carbs and saw beautiful sites, but I am going to focus on sharing the home we rented in Tuscany, Italy, for 5 days as a family. This is a real estate blog after all. I would love to share more about my trip over coffee…. or pasta!

The home we rented is owned by IT and computer guru Bruno, and staffed with the most genuine couple, Marinela and Rafeal. The house is over 800 years old with tons of character and is tucked away from most civilization in the countryside of Tuscany. I took great video on my iphone but it did not transfer to my computer clearly, so I leave you with pictures!


[Front of the house. Enter to the left through a small courtyard to the front door.]


[Entry way. Kitchen to the right, living room to the left, upstairs via the back left]


[In the kitchen with Marinela and Rafeal right before dinner]


[Dining room where we enjoyed dinner and a fire every night.]


[Oldest room in the house. Once used as storage shed. Check out the ceiling!]


[One of the bedrooms upstairs. Cozy.]


[Master Bedroom]


[Porch area leading in to the kitchen.]


[Taking in some sunshine on east side of the house.]


[Back of the house from the garden area.]


[Stunning view down the road from our house]



If you are in the market for a villa in Tuscany, I hear he might be ready to sell. ¬†ūüėČ


Grazie per aver letto!

Today is the Day

Happy first day of the autumnal equinox! AKA the season of flannel, bon fires and pumpkin flavored everything.  While the cooler temperatures are welcomed after the many hot and humid days we had this summer, it is with great hesitance that I say hello to fall, and goodbye to my favorite season.


However, there are many positives about fall, and today I am sharing one of my favorites. This fall inspired craft has been a staple of mine the past few years since it is so simple and oh so adorable.



The supplies you will need are a mum, a pumpkin about the size of your mum pot, ribbon, a pin, and tools to carve your pumpkin. This perfect pumpkin and mum were purchased at Lewis Drug. (side note: all perennials at Lewis are 75% off so stop by the 41st and Minn. location for the biggest selection!)



Step 1: Carve the top of your pumpkin the size of your mum pot so it can easily fit inside. You can discard the lid, you will not need it.



Step 2: Tie your ribbon in to a bow and use the straight pin to attach it to your pumpkin. (side note #2: For those observant folks, ribbon above is different than the one pictured in the supplies photo above. I decided the red ribbon looked a little too Christmas-y than what I was going for.)


And that’s all there is to it! When watering your mum, take it out of the pumpkin and let it drain. We want to extend the life of your pumpkin and not let it get moldy too soon!



Another collateral benefit of this craft is the seeds you are left with. A little seasoning and time in the oven, you have a delicious snack!


I hope you and your family are enjoying all the fall activities the Sioux Falls area provides, and if you still need to decorate for the season, keep this craft in mind!


Enjoy this beautiful change of season my Sioux Falls friends!


Welcome Home.

I may be giving away my secret here, but I wanted to share about what I’ve been doing for a closing gift for my clients. It has been the most fun creating a fun gift for them to find in their new home. I LOVE surprises! And I love thanking my clients in a unique way for choosing me as their realtor. It means more than they know.

Keeping with my philosophy of shopping local, every goodie I put in my basket is purchased from a local business. I figure my job is selling Sioux Falls, so I better support Sioux Falls in any way that I can. Plus, you find way more unique and fun things at the smaller shops.


File_001 (5)

[Welcome home gift for my clients with a young family]

I start with purchasing a bottle of champagne and a salty snack at Lewis Drug. Their fridge is probably pretty empty, and a glass of champagne sounds like the perfect break from all the moving they will be doing. I also found this fun house puzzle at Lewis Drug. Way to help me stick with the theme, Lewis.

There are also many other local toy stores that I look forward to stopping in for future gifts for the kids!


File_000 (2)

[Gift ideas at Josephine’s Floral]

My next stop is Josephine’s Floral at 8th & Railroad where I pick out a plant of some kind that will live longer than a flower, to remind them of this exciting change in their life. There are so many cute items in this store, I love stopping by!



[Macarons at CH Patisserie]

Last but not least, I stop by CH Patisserie for a sweet treat to add to the basket. If you have been here, I’m sure your experience can speak more to this store’s awesomeness than I can. And if you haven’t, you should make it your next stop. Every dessert is delicately and thoughtfully made, and not to mention delicious. We are lucky to have a dessert place of this caliber downtown Sioux Falls.



[Sofa by Furniture MART]

Finish it off with a hand written thank you, and a gift card to Furniture MART,  my custom welcome home basket is complete! A perfect mix of practical and indulgence gifts to kick of their first few days in their new home!

I am so glad I made the leap in to real estate, it has been such a FUN and rewarding job. I would love to work with you NEXT!


p: 605.261.8396

e: sadiehalberstadt@kw.com

In Full Bloom with Josephine’s Floral

Fresh flowers can bring a vibrant and blissful atmosphere to any space for any occasion. They are used to congratulate, beautify a room, add ambiance to a party, and can even be used to help sell a home. I sat down with Josephine, owner of Josephine’s Floral at 8th and Railroad, for her expert advice on staging tips, graduation open house ideas and more!

Josephine’s was established in 1984 and their extremely talented and trained team has been hand-selecting flowers daily from the region‚Äôs best suppliers for their customers ever since. They offer same day delivery, custom designs and experience only a local Sioux Falls business can give.


What are a couple ways to decorate a front door using fresh flowers?
I like to use wall baskets which are flat on one side. By using a basket like this you can hide the water source for fresh flowers (the mechanics of the design) and everything stays fresh for days. You can give the bouquet as much height, width, and length as you want, creating drama where you want it! In a basket like that you could also do a display of green and blooming plants that would last through the season!


File_001 (1)

[Flat backed basket for front door]


What types of pieces have you put together for a housewarming present?
One of my favorite housewarming gifts was a wooden box with touches from several 8th and RailRoad stores. We took a large distressed wooden crate and put a very striking potted orchid in it. Then we got a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers, and a wonderful dip from Prairie Berry winery. Last, we put in a gorgeous small cake and a variety of pastries from Queen City Bakery. We wrapped the box with a wide fancy ribbon and it was awesome!!


File_000 (2)

[All sizes of house warming gifts available]


What kinds of special pieces do you have planned for high school open houses?
We have done several themed parties, from bouquets in marching band hats to ice skates to creating basketballs out of carnations.


sioux falls flowers

[basketball carnation creation for high school graduation]


What types of flowers would you suggest for someone wanting to stage their home to sell?
Green plants are a must! They don’t have to be large floor plants everywhere, even some simple ferns in a cool pot on a table warms up a room significantly! Touches of green in each room makes the world of difference I think. I would also suggest a fragrant bouquet either on a kitchen island or table, a few simple stems in a bud vase in a bathroom is a nice touch too.


What is your favorite arrangement to create?

The packed look is probably my favorite. It is a very rich look, lots and lots of blooms packed tightly without a lot of greenery. It can be quite stunning!


File_002 (1)

[Josephine and I at her floral shop at 8th and Railroad]


Any fun facts about Josephine’s?
I started out in my parents basement 33 years ago doing weddings for friends. I used a round shower curtain hanging from the ceiling and a block of dried ice for my ‚Äúcooler.‚ÄĚ


Josephine’s Floral is a quaint shop downtown Sioux Falls that has the perfect gift idea for the¬†new home owner in your life or a stunning addition to any open house. To visit their website, click here.¬†To visit my Facebook page for more home staging ideas or to discuss selling your home, click here or email me at sadiehalberstadt@kw.com.

Lewis Drug Becomes Destination for Lawn and Garden

The Lewis Drug Garden Center¬†is a huge operation with 9 seasonal garden shops popping up throughout the state (6 here in Sioux Falls) from April through September. Lawn and Garden is now one of the largest and fastest growing categories for Lewis Drug, with Mother’s Day weekend knocking Black Friday sales out of the water.

The company has come a long way since being the state’s first self-service drug store opening in 1942 in downtown Sioux Falls. This long-time local business is your “First Stop” for household items, pet care, seasonal and more! With the big weekend ahead, Category Manager and Buyer of Lawn and Garden, Doug Schroeder answered a few behind the scenes questions about the Lewis Garden Shops:


What is something the average person does not know about the Lewis Garden Shop?

I do not think most people know that Lewis employees actually go to classes and take tests about all factions of lawn and garden. They have to become accredited and represent Lewis as our “experts”.


[ Yours truly at the 41st & Minnesota location]


Tell me about the growth and changes the garden shop has experienced over the years and what areas you see potential for further growth.

I believe Lewis has become a destination for Lawn and Garden. Quality, selection and having new and unique items are very important to us. It is one of our largest and fastest growing categories.


About how many people and hours does it take to create the Garden Shop each year?

I really do not know. It really depends on the year and what mother nature throws at us. I know it takes lots of hours from many talented people.


[ Garden Shop at 69th & Louise]


Where do the flowers come from? What kind of journey do they take to make it to the Garden Shop?

I really look for the best quality and selection when it comes to annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. We use three growers for annuals. Two from Michigan and one from Iowa. We use two main suppliers for perennials, shrubs and trees. These products ship from Minnesota, Illinois, Georgia, California and Oregon. There are other growers in the region that have product but not up to the Lewis standard.


[Native to the prairie, colorful and adaptable coneflowers]


Any other fun facts?

We really try to make our garden centers fun. I know people that come and walk our outdoor garden centers for relaxation and enjoyment. We have even had people have family pictures taken in our garden centers. Plus, they are always changing. What you see today will be gone tomorrow and replaced with something entirely new tomorrow.


Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Stop by Lewis to pick up the perfect and colorful gift Mom deserves!

File_000 (1)

[Countless garden decor]                                                         


[Watering can and flower combination gift]


[All sizes and varieties of potted plants]


Click here to visit the Lewis Drug website and apply for a position in the Garden Shop!

If you have questions about lawn care, gardening, or homeownership, contact me at 605.261.8396 or sadiehalberstad@kw.com. ¬†And I can also help if it’s time to find a a property that eliminates lawn care, or if you are looking for a home¬†to expand your garden and landscaping.

I’d love to help you find the home that suites you! Let’s chat!


For the Green Gardener or Homeowner

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of working for one of the largest and most successful local retail stores in Sioux Falls, Lewis Drug. While I build my real estate career, Lewis has welcomed me back with open arms as a part-time garden shop employee this summer. I am excited to learn more about lawn care, flowers and gardening that I can then pass on to my homeowners.

Lewis has become a top competitor for garden and outdoor supplies thanks to Buyer and Category Manager Doug Schroeder and the rest of the team. I asked Doug a few questions about lawn care that will help if you are a new to homeownership and lawn care, or if you would consider yourself ‘green’ in the outdoor¬†area.


For someone that is new to homeownership and lawn care, what are one or two things they should be SURE to do? 

If it is a new home, the first thing you need to do is seed or sod the lawn.  The second would be to plant trees.  Trees take years to establish so you would want to start there.  If it is an older home, the first thing I would do is examine the lawn, trees and existing landscape.  I would focus on a healthy, weed free lawn first.  That means feeding it a recommended four times a year.


What do you see as the most common mistake in lawn care or gardening?

The biggest mistake I see in lawn care is the misconception that your lawn does not need fertilizer in the spring because it is a vibrant green.  Lawns will start out the season green because of all the moisture from the winter. That does not mean the roots are healthy.  You need to fertilize to increase the health of the lawn.  The biggest mistake I see in gardening is starting too large.  Garden size should reflect the time you have and the time you want to spend gardening. Start small.


What are a couple low maintenance flowers?  

Low maintenance really depends on the person.  Some easy blooming annuals to grow are Million Bells, Moss Rose, Pentas, Lantana, Wave Petunias and Geraniums.  All these take very little care.


[Moss Rose]

When and how much should you water a lawn? 

I recommend 1 Р1.5 inches of water a week, broken into three waterings.  No need to water if you are getting rains.


What products are you excited to see in the Lewis Garden Shop this year?  

I am excited about everything that is coming in.  If I had to pick out a couple products it would be the selection of pottery planters and a rustic garden decor line called Elegant Garden Design.  Lots of new things though.

 lewis-drug-planters            lewis-drug-pottery
[Planters at 41st & Minnesota]


As you can see, there are many beautiful and unique pieces that would love to call your yard home. Stop by and talk to me at the 41st and Minnesota location if you have any questions about lawn care or gardening, I would love to see you!


In two weeks, look for another post from Doug Schroeder with behind the scenes information about the Lewis Garden Center!