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Instagram for Business – 7 Facts

After some thought and comparison, I find myself favoring Instagram over Facebook. I love the simplicity of Instagram and that it focuses on images. Facebook has more text which leads to more bragging, longer explanations of how great this or that cleanse is, and drawn out political debates. While that is my opinion for my personal page, I know it is imperative to engage in both when promoting a business. Instagram has a younger generation [side note: Does it blow anyone else’s mind how many ‘likes’ photos by 15-20-year-olds get?? I hope to prepare myself to tap in to that market when they get a little older].

A lot of my followers are on both Facebook and Instagram, but some are not, so it is important to reach as many potential clients as possible. Social media is the way of the world, and the more impressions you have out there the better.


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  1. Over half of all 18- to 29-year-olds in the U.S. are on Instagram.
  2.  Adult users in the U.S. have doubled since 2012.
  3. 31 percent of female internet users are on Instagram, compared to 21 percent of male internet users.
  4.  56 percent of Instagram users make $50,000/year or more.
  5. Instagram has about 400 million active daily users and 700 million active monthly users. 
  6. In 2017, top brands are posting 4.9 times per week on Instagram. This is a 50 percent increase from 2015.
  7. 48.8 percent of brands are on Instagram. This number is expected to rise to 70.7% by the end of 2017.


[Engaging with other businesses will give your page credibility and visibility.]


This post only scratched the surface about Instagram and has one simple take-away. IF YOU HAVE A BUSINESS AND WANT TO REACH THE UNDER THIRTY DEMOGRAPHIC, GET INSTAGRAM. I am not claiming to be an expert, but I believe I have a pretty good handle on social media and if you would like ideas for content, hashtags ect. I would LOVE to help. Let’s meet for coffee and talk about growing our businesses! Otherwise, stay tuned for a future post delving in to more specifics of Instagram!


Happy posting!

The Other Halberstadt.

I am probably the only wife in town that doesn’t buy her husband clothes on his birthday or Christmas. That is one battle I am blessed not to have as Jaime most often looks more put together than I do when we head out the door. He has a long history of well dressed men in his family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Halberstadt’s Men’s Clothiers was started in St. Cloud, MN, in 1975 by his grandpa Jim. In 1988, Jaime’s father, Jeff, expanded the business by moving to Sioux Falls and then opened additional locations in Rapid City and Des Moines. Jaime worked part-time at the Galleria store during high school and college, but it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that he made the leap full-time and realized his passions and skills lie in the family business of providing the midwest with top of the line service and men’s clothing brands.


What is special to you about running a third generation local business?

I am incredibly lucky to have the trust and support of my dad Jeff, whom I see as not just one of the most talented clothing retailers around the region, but also the best mentor I could have. It’s truly a family-run business; it’s not unusual to see me, my mom Marcie, and my dad working special events together, reviewing lines at trade shows, reviewing ad campaigns, etc. My grandparents Jim and Sandy will drop in from time-to-time to keep me in check as well. Work is still work at times of course but it’s really gratifying to me to create something with your family that becomes special to others as well.



[Pictures of the three generations at J.H & Sons downtown Sioux Falls]


Any tips for keeping your shoes and clothes looking sharp while stored in your closet?

For leather shoes, I cannot stress enough the importance of cedar shoe-trees. Shoe trees can remove moisture and help keep the shape of your shoes over time. They are an absolute must. As far as clothing is concerned, spacing is important. For instance, if a few suits and sport coats are jammed together on a rack, the jacket linings, lapels, and pockets can get wrinkled overnight. This can of course be difficult with limited closet space, which is why I recommend donating any clothing you’re on the fence about.

While on your buying trips, how do you decide what items and trends to bring home to Sioux Falls?

We keep in mind what has done well in the recent past, but our main focus is on (1) brands that are getting attention internationally but have not been carried yet in Sioux Falls and (2) emerging brands that are doing something a little differently than the rest. Good quality and styling are always the basis for any clothing we bring in. As far as new trends go, if the taste level of the garment is there and it’s fresh and exciting, chances are we’ll pick it up. I always look forward most to the more unique pieces; I think we take our title of “specialty store” very seriously. We buy as a full-service men’s clothier while significantly testing the limits of what can be sold in a smaller market like ours. We are constantly searching for interesting clothing not yet available here.



[Jean wall at J.H. & Sons downtown Sioux Falls]


What are a few of your favorite pieces right now?

Bruun & Stengade continues to be a stellar dress and casual shirt line for us. They have a great mix of offerings from brighter micro-patterns to knitted and textured fall fabrics in cool greys and blues. A new line I’m very excited about is Ring Jacket out of Osaka, Japan. They specialize in making off-the-rack clothing as impressive as custom clothing. Plus the jackets are insanely comfortable.



[Bruun & Stengade]


[Ring Jacket]


What do you love most about the Sioux Falls community?

As it relates to the business, our community has been very receptive to the new and unique perspective we bring to men’s clothing. On a wider scale, I am constantly amazed by the amount of talent, intellect, and personality in this city. It’s inspiring.

How do you feel about being married to the most kind and good looking realtor in Sioux Falls?

Best thing to ever happen to me. She’s so humble, too.



[September 25, 2015]


Jaime is the manager of the downtown Sioux Falls store J.H. & Sons Clothier and can help you be the best dressed at the office, assist with styling your current items, or tell you what it’s time to part with. And when your closet becomes too small, it’s time to talk to Mrs. Halberstadt and I will get you in to a bigger home, and a bigger closet.

The two of us look forward to MANY more years in this growing community and helping Sioux Falls look and feel their best in both their clothes and home!


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The First Sale

The month of May is officially over and what a whirlwind it was. At the beginning of the month, I started to feel the frustrations of being a new agent creep in while I was trying to patiently wait for my first qualified and motivated lead to present itself. I understood it took time to get the real estate ball moving, but I felt like the grace period of getting your license and fulfilling your first contract was soon to expire.

The first week of May was also the busiest weekend of the year at Lewis Drug, Mother’s Day.  I was there bright and early, or should I say dark and early at 5 a.m., and stayed late which meant racking up more than 30 hours that long weekend at my ‘part-time’ job. It was a fun and exhausting weekend to say the least.

Back to wearing my real estate agent hat,  but also relating to Lewis Drug, I got a call from my friend Amber wanting to look at a home right outside of Sioux Falls. We were coworkers years ago when I worked at the Lewis Drug office and have stayed friends ever since. We looked at a few homes, some too old, some too big, until we found the one that was just right. (insert goldilocks reference) It had an oversized garage for him, her husband Mike, and a charming home and yard for her. While on my way home from the showing, they called and said they were ready to make an offer. “GREAT!” While I was suddenly filled with an elated panic. Everything I’ve learned from countless training classes seemed to have left me, so I called my teammate Amy and she calmed my nerves and answered a few last minute questions. We presented the sellers with a solid offer since it was contingent on their current home selling, and got an accepted offer right away! What a great feeling. I couldn’t wait to give Amber and Mike the good news.


The next step was getting their current home on the market ASAP. In a matter of two days we managed to fill out the paper work, take measurements, snap photos, fill out the RASE MLS profile, and complete countless other small tasks to get it LIVE. Marketing included word of mouth, Facebook posts on both my personal and business pages, posts on online garage sales, Craislist, the multiple listing service, and the underground Facebook group of Keller Williams.

Just under two weeks later we were presented an offer and a few days later accepted after a few changes. Finding my friends a new home was so much fun and rewarding, but taking a listing and selling my first home was a moment filled with even more pride. I don’t see myself specializing in working with buyers or sellers, but will welcome the mix of the two in the future.


Closing is set for both homes on July 1st with more work and coordination to be done before that date! I am extremely grateful these first transactions have gone so smoothly and look forward to many more to come! If you are looking for someone to make the home buying or selling process an easy transition, give me a call! I am ready and eager to help and excited to continue on a career path I am passionate about. It all comes down to helping others, and that is what I am wired to do.

Change is Good.

You’ve heard it before. Change is good. Yet it remains one of the most intimidating challenges one can face.  We are often frozen with fear of an uncertain future and more content with what is now, what is familiar.

I have always followed the straight-and-narrow path. I am a rule-follower that got good grades, I graduated college in four years and got a job that corresponded with my degree. Those are all great things and I have loved and benefited from all those steps along the way, but I am determined to not live a safe life forever. An even greater fear of mine than change is living a life with regrets.  And as cliche as it is to say, we have one life to live, and with the majority of my life in front of me, I plan to start maximizing my opportunities for the future today. As Thomas Jefferson said, “With great risk comes great reward.”

I will not be intimidated by fear of change.  I will not get caught up in perfection that it destroys my ability to keep moving forward. But instead I will embrace the inevitable ups and downs of this new career with persistence and empathy.  I left my marketing job and consistent paycheck for the uncertain career of being a real estate agent,  but with the unmatched training from Keller Williams Realty Sioux Falls, I am sure not to fail.

Another recent big change in my life was marrying my high school sweetheart, Jaime, last summer. And as we begin to plan for our future and future family, I know that this career will allow the balance of work and family that I desire, and the lifestyle of being self-employed that I believe I will thrive in. And in return, Sioux Falls will gain a passionate, innovative and hardworking advocate for those interested in the real estate market, those looking to buy or sell a home or anyone looking for a positive person to network with.

I’ve taken the scary leap of faith in to a new career and I ask you to follow me on this journey of change and subscribe to my blog for real time real estate updates, information and fun interviews with local Sioux Falls businesses, and a few personal entries along the way.  And if you haven’t already “Liked” my Facebook page “Sadie Halberstadt – Keller Williams Realty Sioux Falls” I would welcome and appreciate your support!

Change. Is. Good.


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