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Sioux Falls 2040

It sounds strange to even say 2040, let alone think about what life will be like in Sioux Falls 23 years from now, but that is Urban Planner Albert Schmidt’s job on a daily basis. He makes sure that land is being used in the right way, and the correct infrastructures are being put in place that make sense for the future and flow of growing Sioux Falls.

My real estate team, 605 Advantage Real Estate Group with Keller Williams Realty Sioux Falls, took a field trip this week to city hall to learn more about urban planning with Albert. I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed with all the information, but I know that Albert is an expert at what he does and is a wealth of knowledge for when I have questions.


[Listening to Albert’s presentation]


If you are interested in information about planning and building in Sioux Falls, click here. If you want to listen in on city council meetings to learn more about the progress of projects, click here.  A hot topic right now that Albert also knows the in’s and out’s of, is the floodplain issue. If you have questions if your home or potential home is in a floodplain, please reach out and I will get the correct information for you!


[Looking at the Sioux Falls 2040 map]


While a ton of man power goes in to planning the growth of a city,  most of it is tentative plans. Things can change quickly, so be sure you are getting the most up to date information if you have questions about zoning, flood plains or long term plans. I am always available for questions and to research all kinds of information, so please contact me by call or text at 605.261.8396.

By 2040 the Sioux Falls population is expected to be between 250,000 and 280,000 people.  How exciting to live in such a thriving city!

The Last Jewel In The Crown of Historic Downtown

Downtown Sioux Falls is vibrant. Downtown Sioux Falls is growing, beautiful, full of action, and home to many successful local businesses that make this community unique. But there is one building that has a lot of catching up to do to compare to the rest of the area.

The State Theater on Phillips Avenue opened in 1926 as the grandest theater in the Sioux Falls region. This focal point of downtown showed movies for many years  but eventually closed in 1990 due to disinterest in downtown. It’s fascinating to watch trends in history as we now are going back to a more local and authentic vibe over the mall and big box retailers.

Notable Dates:

2001 – The Sioux Falls Film Society replaces the leaking roof.

2009 – The State Theatre is awarded the Chamber Appeals Campaign in 2011 for $1.25 million.

2013 – The State Theatre Chamber Appeals Campaign meets and surpasses its goal, raising $2.3 million.

2014 – The lobby, foyer, main level restrooms, basement renovations are all completed.

February 26, 2017 was the first year the Stars, Statues and The State event could be in the actual state theater instead of an offsite location. It’s one of my favorite events of the year as little Sioux Falls gets to experience a little bit of Hollywood by watching the Oscars on the big screen, dining on delicious food and seeing familiar faces dressed to the nines.


[The State Theater ready for all its guests. Photo courtesy of The State Theater.]


[Inside the State Theater getting ready for the Oscars party. Photo courtesy of The State Theater.]


My mother-in-law Marcie Halberstadt has everything to do with the event going off flawlessly so it is fun to see her hard work come to life. There are many talented people in Sioux Falls that come together to make this event successful, I wish I could name them all.  It sure is a glamorous evening that I encourage you to attend next year! This event raised over $300,000 this year which will go towards the auditorium, stage and balcony. If you are interested in donating to this project, click here.


[In the balcony area of the State Theater. Lots of work to be done, but still beautiful.]


[CH Patisserie and Chef Dominique’s provided the most beautiful and delicious food!]


[Halberstadt family on the red carpet. Photo courtesy of the State Theater]


This was my first time in the State Theater that I have heard so much about. What has been completed is absolutely stunning, and what still needs to be restored looks like hours and hours of work. But it will get done. And I can imagine its beauty already. So looking forward to having this last jewel completed for our community and generations to come. It really is sweet home Sioux Falls.



Sweet Home Sioux Falls

While I have numerous favorite places in Sioux Falls, places to eat, places to shop, these are the top four places that give me those warm fuzzies that remind me why I love living in Sioux Falls.  I feel like this community has really stepped up in the last handful of years and it’s showing by our crazy growth. A construction worker once told me Sioux Falls expands by one block in every direction every year. I believe it!

I am excited to see where Sioux Falls will be in the next 5, 10 even 20 years, and to see my list of favorites grow.


File_002 (4)

Lincoln High School: This is where my journey began as a Sioux Falls resident. While my family has always been from the Sioux Falls area, my mom and I spent 9 years in Hershey, Pennsylvania, where I completed Kindergarten through 8th grade. After a summer of visiting my grandma, we decided to make the move back to be with family and I started school as a Lincoln High School freshman. This is also where I met my husband.  For a full recap of how we met, you can visit our wedding website  to read about the beginning of our relationship as high school sweethearts. I have so many great moments and relationships that occurred in this building so I love driving by either on Cliff Avenue or the interstate to rekindle those memories.


File_000 (7)


File_001 (3)

The Bike Trails: Most everyone knows that I love being outside. (During nice weather of course) Working out doesn’t seem like work when you can go for a walk or jog and take in the sights and sounds of nature. My favorite times on the bike trails have been when I saw a baby deer, when I can be close to the water, and of course when I can say hello to all the doggies in the dog park. I love that Sioux Falls made the bike trails a priority and that it is now connected around the whole city!


File_003 (2)

File_004 (1)

Downtown: I think we’ve all read enough news articles and experienced first hand the greatness of downtown within the last few years. I have few to no memories of downtown when I was in high school, and now find myself down there all the time. Whether it is grabbing a bite to eat, doing some shopping at the many boutiques, or visiting my husband at J.H. and Sons, there are countless options for a free Saturday afternoon. I also love looking at the Carpenter building while downtown because when it was a hotel during the fall of 1944, my grandma and grandpa stayed  there for their honeymoon.  Such history!  I am so glad these old building are being used to their full potential.


File_001 (4)

File_000 (8)

Aspen Heights aka home: I have owned my own home for over three years in the Northwest corner of Sioux Falls. It is a cookie cutter home but was the move in ready style I desired as a new homeowner. I love being close to the interstate and a short drive to downtown or the mall area. It has a quaint tree lined boulevard at its entrance that fills me with pride and happiness as I drive down the long street to Jaime and I’s humble abode. You truly hit “adult status” when you own a home and I have loved every minute of it!


If you are looking for your first home or a new place to call home in the Sioux Falls area, contact me by phone at 261.8396 or email sadiehalberstadt@kw.com.  Home is a very special place, and I would love to help you on your journey to finding the perfect one!