A week ago I was boarding a plane with my husband to explore a new city. A close friend of mine since high school lives in New Orleans with her husband while he finishes medical school, so we thought we’d jump at the opportunity to visit them while we could.

New Orleans is beautiful. And now with my real estate background, I appreciate the variety and style of homes every town has to offer even more. Imagine an entire city of McKennan Park, and that is New Orleans. Almost every home has a porch, beautiful greens hanging and unique paint colors. Even the lower income housing had a flair about it you can only find in New Orleans.



[I was surprised by the number of palm trees around]



[Every home had a fence surrounding it]



[Typical adorable New Orleans home] 



[Keller Williams Listing in the Garden District]


Along with the immaculate homes lining St. Charles and Napoleon Avenue,  there are still homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina 11 years ago. After the hurricane, many people chose not to return to New Orleans, leaving their homes vacant and inhabitable. The lower income districts were hit the hardest, and while many have been repurchased and remodeled, it is not hard to find houses with spray paint still on the walls and boarded up windows.



[The 9-13 marked in blue means that is when the rescue team left the house] 



[Rescue teams identified themselves on the houses they visited. TFW stands for Taskforce Wildcat, West Virginia National Guard]


The culture, architecture and food in New Orleans is like no city I have experienced. A quick 4-night stay was not nearly long enough, so we look forward to our return! I would love to share more about my trip, so if you want to know more about the city, give me a shout! [605.261.8396]


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