I love collaborating with other businesses in Sioux Falls and sharing them on my Facebook. Keep reading for a guest blog post by Sarah Callahan and why a home warranty could help you with your next home purchase!



Buying a home is a lot like becoming a parent. None of us actually know what we are doing! We just keep faking it until we get it. I have bought 4 homes, and only in my last purchase did I even learn about home warranties. How is this even a service?! We all know about life insurance, but it’s really only good for those you love and after you die. It doesn’t help you in the day-to- day ins and out of life. However this crazy “insurance” can help you when things don’t work anymore. Since I just found out about this, I know other people won’t know about it either. I have a self-made mission to inform people about home warranty coverage. It’s great for the sellers and even better for the buyers!


A home warranty is an insurance policy on things in your home like your refrigerator, oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher, washer, dryer, air conditioner and furnace. You can even add on other items like your pool, spa, or irrigation system. Many of us today have some basic ‘know how’, like we can change light bulbs. We tend to Google how to do something if we have never done it before.


But what if you are a crazy busy momprenuer (like myself), running a business, doing consulting, chasing a toddler, do you have time to sit and watch a 20 minute video on YouTube on how to clean out your air vents on your ac unit?! NOPE! If you do have 3 minutes to yourself you might spend it sneaking a candy bar in the closet to avoiding sharing it with your tiny tyrant.


Having a home warranty is kind of like having a handyman in your back pocket. When something stops working in your home, you don’t have to scour the world wide webs for who is the best plumber or electrician. Your home warranty service provider already has the connections. You don’t have to worry about what the service call will cost, because you already know the service will be covered by your home warranty. It can help ease your mind about how in the world you are going to get this fixed, to just finding the time to meet the service person.


It was worth it within the first year of owning our home. The cost is about $35 a month, giver or take. I woke up one morning, pre-toddler, and was going to jump in the shower before work, but EEK! There was no hot water! I found my handy home warranty refrigerator magnet on the fridge with the number and called right away. They sadly couldn’t get anyone in that day, but the very next day a service person was out and saw that our water heater had broken. He knew we had a home warranty and put the call into our provider. It was all covered! We got our new water heater installed and going right away. Best part is, we only had to pay for the initial service call of $75. TOTALLY WORTH IT!



Having owned 4 different homes, I have had my share of mishaps in and around my home. It will take forever to get them all out in the blog. Check out my blog following me in my life of having and not having the home warranty coverage when it was needed. Hopefully it’s an interesting way to learn about something boring… insurance.



Sarah Callahan


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