You’ve known me to preach “shop local”, and now that we’re in the heart of holiday season, I encourage you to give local. Local news stations, the Sioux Falls Business Journal, Huffington Post and USA Today have all attributed Sioux Falls as one of the best cities in the United States. Cost of living is low, unemployment is low, but that does not mean we don’t have our fair share of people struggling to make ends meet. Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, but it is also an expensive time of year. I hope you find it in your heart and budget to give to a local organization this holiday season.



The Children’s Home Society is South Dakota’s oldest human services, nonprofit organization, and the organization my team  has chosen to collect donations for at our holiday party. The programs and way people are served through Children’s Home Society is all encompassing. A few of their biggest needs include paper products, snack items, gift cards and size 4 diapers.



My childhood church, First Presbyterian, hosts an angel tree every year and delivers the gifts and food to the families themselves. I love participating in this every year because I am buying for a specific person versus a general donation. I envision their happiness Christmas morning with their new toy and how they will look in their new outfit. This is when the act of giving becomes a gift.



As you could have guessed, the Sioux Falls Human Society is on my list. It is difficult to visit this place as I wish I could take them all home, but it is a joy to bring food and toys to the shelter so the animals can share in the Christmas spirit as well.



If money is tight for your family, your time can be the greatest gift of all. On Tuesday I had the pleasure of serving at the west side Banquet. It was less than three hours of my night and you could feel the gratitude from the guests. Other organizations you can help by donating time included Habitat for Humanity, food banks or the VA hospital.


There are countless deserving organizations in the Sioux Empire. Are you passionate about a certain one? I would love to hear more about your organization and learn how to get involved. Please share in the comments!