A few years ago, I had the pleasure of working for one of the largest and most successful local retail stores in Sioux Falls, Lewis Drug. While I build my real estate career, Lewis has welcomed me back with open arms as a part-time garden shop employee this summer. I am excited to learn more about lawn care, flowers and gardening that I can then pass on to my homeowners.

Lewis has become a top competitor for garden and outdoor supplies thanks to Buyer and Category Manager Doug Schroeder and the rest of the team. I asked Doug a few questions about lawn care that will help if you are a new to homeownership and lawn care, or if you would consider yourself ‘green’ in the outdoor area.


For someone that is new to homeownership and lawn care, what are one or two things they should be SURE to do? 

If it is a new home, the first thing you need to do is seed or sod the lawn.  The second would be to plant trees.  Trees take years to establish so you would want to start there.  If it is an older home, the first thing I would do is examine the lawn, trees and existing landscape.  I would focus on a healthy, weed free lawn first.  That means feeding it a recommended four times a year.


What do you see as the most common mistake in lawn care or gardening?

The biggest mistake I see in lawn care is the misconception that your lawn does not need fertilizer in the spring because it is a vibrant green.  Lawns will start out the season green because of all the moisture from the winter. That does not mean the roots are healthy.  You need to fertilize to increase the health of the lawn.  The biggest mistake I see in gardening is starting too large.  Garden size should reflect the time you have and the time you want to spend gardening. Start small.


What are a couple low maintenance flowers?  

Low maintenance really depends on the person.  Some easy blooming annuals to grow are Million Bells, Moss Rose, Pentas, Lantana, Wave Petunias and Geraniums.  All these take very little care.


[Moss Rose]

When and how much should you water a lawn? 

I recommend 1 – 1.5 inches of water a week, broken into three waterings.  No need to water if you are getting rains.


What products are you excited to see in the Lewis Garden Shop this year?  

I am excited about everything that is coming in.  If I had to pick out a couple products it would be the selection of pottery planters and a rustic garden decor line called Elegant Garden Design.  Lots of new things though.

 lewis-drug-planters            lewis-drug-pottery
[Planters at 41st & Minnesota]


As you can see, there are many beautiful and unique pieces that would love to call your yard home. Stop by and talk to me at the 41st and Minnesota location if you have any questions about lawn care or gardening, I would love to see you!


In two weeks, look for another post from Doug Schroeder with behind the scenes information about the Lewis Garden Center!