You’ve heard it before. Change is good. Yet it remains one of the most intimidating challenges one can face.  We are often frozen with fear of an uncertain future and more content with what is now, what is familiar.

I have always followed the straight-and-narrow path. I am a rule-follower that got good grades, I graduated college in four years and got a job that corresponded with my degree. Those are all great things and I have loved and benefited from all those steps along the way, but I am determined to not live a safe life forever. An even greater fear of mine than change is living a life with regrets.  And as cliche as it is to say, we have one life to live, and with the majority of my life in front of me, I plan to start maximizing my opportunities for the future today. As Thomas Jefferson said, “With great risk comes great reward.”

I will not be intimidated by fear of change.  I will not get caught up in perfection that it destroys my ability to keep moving forward. But instead I will embrace the inevitable ups and downs of this new career with persistence and empathy.  I left my marketing job and consistent paycheck for the uncertain career of being a real estate agent,  but with the unmatched training from Keller Williams Realty Sioux Falls, I am sure not to fail.

Another recent big change in my life was marrying my high school sweetheart, Jaime, last summer. And as we begin to plan for our future and future family, I know that this career will allow the balance of work and family that I desire, and the lifestyle of being self-employed that I believe I will thrive in. And in return, Sioux Falls will gain a passionate, innovative and hardworking advocate for those interested in the real estate market, those looking to buy or sell a home or anyone looking for a positive person to network with.

I’ve taken the scary leap of faith in to a new career and I ask you to follow me on this journey of change and subscribe to my blog for real time real estate updates, information and fun interviews with local Sioux Falls businesses, and a few personal entries along the way.  And if you haven’t already “Liked” my Facebook page “Sadie Halberstadt – Keller Williams Realty Sioux Falls” I would welcome and appreciate your support!

Change. Is. Good.


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