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Home Warranties What Are They Good For?!

I love collaborating with other businesses in Sioux Falls and sharing them on my Facebook. Keep reading for a guest blog post by Sarah Callahan and why a home warranty could help you with your next home purchase!



Buying a home is a lot like becoming a parent. None of us actually know what we are doing! We just keep faking it until we get it. I have bought 4 homes, and only in my last purchase did I even learn about home warranties. How is this even a service?! We all know about life insurance, but it’s really only good for those you love and after you die. It doesn’t help you in the day-to- day ins and out of life. However this crazy “insurance” can help you when things don’t work anymore. Since I just found out about this, I know other people won’t know about it either. I have a self-made mission to inform people about home warranty coverage. It’s great for the sellers and even better for the buyers!


A home warranty is an insurance policy on things in your home like your refrigerator, oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher, washer, dryer, air conditioner and furnace. You can even add on other items like your pool, spa, or irrigation system. Many of us today have some basic ‘know how’, like we can change light bulbs. We tend to Google how to do something if we have never done it before.


But what if you are a crazy busy momprenuer (like myself), running a business, doing consulting, chasing a toddler, do you have time to sit and watch a 20 minute video on YouTube on how to clean out your air vents on your ac unit?! NOPE! If you do have 3 minutes to yourself you might spend it sneaking a candy bar in the closet to avoiding sharing it with your tiny tyrant.


Having a home warranty is kind of like having a handyman in your back pocket. When something stops working in your home, you don’t have to scour the world wide webs for who is the best plumber or electrician. Your home warranty service provider already has the connections. You don’t have to worry about what the service call will cost, because you already know the service will be covered by your home warranty. It can help ease your mind about how in the world you are going to get this fixed, to just finding the time to meet the service person.


It was worth it within the first year of owning our home. The cost is about $35 a month, giver or take. I woke up one morning, pre-toddler, and was going to jump in the shower before work, but EEK! There was no hot water! I found my handy home warranty refrigerator magnet on the fridge with the number and called right away. They sadly couldn’t get anyone in that day, but the very next day a service person was out and saw that our water heater had broken. He knew we had a home warranty and put the call into our provider. It was all covered! We got our new water heater installed and going right away. Best part is, we only had to pay for the initial service call of $75. TOTALLY WORTH IT!



Having owned 4 different homes, I have had my share of mishaps in and around my home. It will take forever to get them all out in the blog. Check out my blog following me in my life of having and not having the home warranty coverage when it was needed. Hopefully it’s an interesting way to learn about something boring… insurance.



Sarah Callahan


Best Realtor Blog Awards 2017


Instagram for Business – 7 Facts

After some thought and comparison, I find myself favoring Instagram over Facebook. I love the simplicity of Instagram and that it focuses on images. Facebook has more text which leads to more bragging, longer explanations of how great this or that cleanse is, and drawn out political debates. While that is my opinion for my personal page, I know it is imperative to engage in both when promoting a business. Instagram has a younger generation [side note: Does it blow anyone else’s mind how many ‘likes’ photos by 15-20-year-olds get?? I hope to prepare myself to tap in to that market when they get a little older].

A lot of my followers are on both Facebook and Instagram, but some are not, so it is important to reach as many potential clients as possible. Social media is the way of the world, and the more impressions you have out there the better.


[Follow @sweethomesiouxfalls on Instagram for posts about my real estate career and all things Sioux Falls.]



  1. Over half of all 18- to 29-year-olds in the U.S. are on Instagram.
  2.  Adult users in the U.S. have doubled since 2012.
  3. 31 percent of female internet users are on Instagram, compared to 21 percent of male internet users.
  4.  56 percent of Instagram users make $50,000/year or more.
  5. Instagram has about 400 million active daily users and 700 million active monthly users. 
  6. In 2017, top brands are posting 4.9 times per week on Instagram. This is a 50 percent increase from 2015.
  7. 48.8 percent of brands are on Instagram. This number is expected to rise to 70.7% by the end of 2017.


[Engaging with other businesses will give your page credibility and visibility.]


This post only scratched the surface about Instagram and has one simple take-away. IF YOU HAVE A BUSINESS AND WANT TO REACH THE UNDER THIRTY DEMOGRAPHIC, GET INSTAGRAM. I am not claiming to be an expert, but I believe I have a pretty good handle on social media and if you would like ideas for content, hashtags ect. I would LOVE to help. Let’s meet for coffee and talk about growing our businesses! Otherwise, stay tuned for a future post delving in to more specifics of Instagram!


Happy posting!

That Kind Of Morning

With the frigid temps sweeping over the midwest this week, I thought it was a perfect morning to set up shop on the couch and do some research on other real estate blogs. How lucky am I that that is even an option? While working for yourself has its challenges, it certainly has its perks.


[My view while writing this morning]


My goal was to find a couple other blogs to see what others were doing and to discover how I could improve both my blog and real estate skills. Below are a couple links to blogs that I found interesting and helpful for all businesses. Whether you are in sales, marketing, real estate or an entrepreneur, many of the skills are crossovers.



Nothing will devalue a traditional phone call, but we all know texting is increasingly the preferred way of contact. Instead of ignore it, businesses should embrace it an learn to do it well. BoomTown, a real estate marketing company had a great blog post about lead generation that is worth a read.



Keller Williams mission is “To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.” I love that this company encompasses our whole life in to it’s work. To piggy back on this idea, a blog from Afford Anything did an amazing job of breaking down 12 essential lessons you must learn about money and life. Most people don’t have time to read entire books on this subject, so finding shorter reads via blog are very helpful.


Other honorable mentions of blogs I found:

Bigger Pockets – “Leading source for the best articles on real estate investing, personal finance, marketing and being successful.”

85 Best Real Estate Blogs to Read in 2016 – A lot of content on this website, but you can find anything you wanted to know about marketing, investing and more.


Even though blogging is increasing in popularity, the midwest seems to be slower to catch on. If you know of a local blogger, no matter the subject, please send me a link! I would love to support other local bloggers and see what others are doing!


Taste of Sioux Falls

An event where there is wine, well-dressed people and food stations from the best chefs in Sioux Falls? Sign me up!  Last week Jaime and I attended The Taste of Sioux Falls, a fundraiser to benefit the downtown SculptureWalk. As you know, we love downtown Sioux Falls and will jump at the chance to support the growth of businesses and programs that make downtown shine.

The SculptureWalk features 56 sculptures year round from artists all over the country and is run by volunteers with a goal “to be the highest quality, most professional, financially strong, artist friendly, year-round outdoor sculpture program in the United States.” This inventive way to display art adds pizazz to Phillips Avenue and bolsters DTSF’s reputation as one of the state’s most unique destinations.




The second annual Taste of Sioux Falls began with a branded wine glass and a large plate to take to all of the food stations. We then could select which small plates we wanted from each restaurant. Everyone brought their A game but dare I say my favorites were the tacos from Look’s Market and the beef from Grille 26. We spent the evening grazing on delicious food, enjoying the view and venue at Raven Industries, and connecting with friends and acquaintances. We wished it would have gone on forever.  The sweetest cherry on top was finding out these chefs and their restaurants donated their time and resources to be there, all in the name of art and community.



[Round one included items from Ode to Food and Look’s Market]


taste of sioux falls

[Friends Allison and Tyler Blake helped us close the place down]


What do you love most about downtown? What are you hoping to see downtown in the future? What are ways you support Sioux Falls? So many questions, so little time. I’d love to hear some of your thoughts, so shoot me a text or email and we’ll grab coffee on me downtown. [605.261.8396]


Already looking forward to next year’s Taste of Sioux Falls to see what all the talented chefs will create! Click here to learn more about the SculptureWalk.

The Other Halberstadt.

I am probably the only wife in town that doesn’t buy her husband clothes on his birthday or Christmas. That is one battle I am blessed not to have as Jaime most often looks more put together than I do when we head out the door. He has a long history of well dressed men in his family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Halberstadt’s Men’s Clothiers was started in St. Cloud, MN, in 1975 by his grandpa Jim. In 1988, Jaime’s father, Jeff, expanded the business by moving to Sioux Falls and then opened additional locations in Rapid City and Des Moines. Jaime worked part-time at the Galleria store during high school and college, but it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that he made the leap full-time and realized his passions and skills lie in the family business of providing the midwest with top of the line service and men’s clothing brands.


What is special to you about running a third generation local business?

I am incredibly lucky to have the trust and support of my dad Jeff, whom I see as not just one of the most talented clothing retailers around the region, but also the best mentor I could have. It’s truly a family-run business; it’s not unusual to see me, my mom Marcie, and my dad working special events together, reviewing lines at trade shows, reviewing ad campaigns, etc. My grandparents Jim and Sandy will drop in from time-to-time to keep me in check as well. Work is still work at times of course but it’s really gratifying to me to create something with your family that becomes special to others as well.



[Pictures of the three generations at J.H & Sons downtown Sioux Falls]


Any tips for keeping your shoes and clothes looking sharp while stored in your closet?

For leather shoes, I cannot stress enough the importance of cedar shoe-trees. Shoe trees can remove moisture and help keep the shape of your shoes over time. They are an absolute must. As far as clothing is concerned, spacing is important. For instance, if a few suits and sport coats are jammed together on a rack, the jacket linings, lapels, and pockets can get wrinkled overnight. This can of course be difficult with limited closet space, which is why I recommend donating any clothing you’re on the fence about.

While on your buying trips, how do you decide what items and trends to bring home to Sioux Falls?

We keep in mind what has done well in the recent past, but our main focus is on (1) brands that are getting attention internationally but have not been carried yet in Sioux Falls and (2) emerging brands that are doing something a little differently than the rest. Good quality and styling are always the basis for any clothing we bring in. As far as new trends go, if the taste level of the garment is there and it’s fresh and exciting, chances are we’ll pick it up. I always look forward most to the more unique pieces; I think we take our title of “specialty store” very seriously. We buy as a full-service men’s clothier while significantly testing the limits of what can be sold in a smaller market like ours. We are constantly searching for interesting clothing not yet available here.



[Jean wall at J.H. & Sons downtown Sioux Falls]


What are a few of your favorite pieces right now?

Bruun & Stengade continues to be a stellar dress and casual shirt line for us. They have a great mix of offerings from brighter micro-patterns to knitted and textured fall fabrics in cool greys and blues. A new line I’m very excited about is Ring Jacket out of Osaka, Japan. They specialize in making off-the-rack clothing as impressive as custom clothing. Plus the jackets are insanely comfortable.



[Bruun & Stengade]


[Ring Jacket]


What do you love most about the Sioux Falls community?

As it relates to the business, our community has been very receptive to the new and unique perspective we bring to men’s clothing. On a wider scale, I am constantly amazed by the amount of talent, intellect, and personality in this city. It’s inspiring.

How do you feel about being married to the most kind and good looking realtor in Sioux Falls?

Best thing to ever happen to me. She’s so humble, too.



[September 25, 2015]


Jaime is the manager of the downtown Sioux Falls store J.H. & Sons Clothier and can help you be the best dressed at the office, assist with styling your current items, or tell you what it’s time to part with. And when your closet becomes too small, it’s time to talk to Mrs. Halberstadt and I will get you in to a bigger home, and a bigger closet.

The two of us look forward to MANY more years in this growing community and helping Sioux Falls look and feel their best in both their clothes and home!


Click here to ‘Like’ J.H & Sons Clothier on Facebook!

Click here to ‘Like’ Sadie Halberstadt – Keller Williams Realty on Facebook!

The Grass Will Be Greener With Mark Everhart

Don’t be the neighbor with the untamed, weed-infested lawn that everyone rolls their eyes at while driving by. Be the neighbor with an elusive green lawn without a dandelion in sight. You will thank yourself later for the incomparable curb appeal.  Mark Everhart, owner of Everhart Landscaping, can perform regular mowing, keep the weeds out, and maintain a healthy lawn for you and your family. I have known Mark a few years now and can attest to his honest, hardworking and passionate service. He truly cares about your lawn and will take the time to explain his work and the benefit it provides. I love having a green, weed-free lawn with out breaking the bank!

Below are paraphrased answers from Mark about his fertilization process and why he loves seeing and treating home owner’s green lawns!


How did you get started in landscaping?
I got started in the lawn service after driving my stepfathers car across the Canton practice football field in the spring of 1976. I had to fill the ruts and seed grass. Twenty years later, I fell in love with taking care of grass at a Reformed Church Ministry in Annville, Kentucky. Forty years later I am still taking care of grass.


File_000 (17)

[Mark doing a spring application on my lawn in Sioux Falls]


What do you love most about taking care of other’s lawns?

I love the business and personal relationships I create with customers. I also enjoy the beauty of a nourished lawn. I believe a healthy and beautiful lawn is an experience and can contribute to your overall health.



File_001 (8)

[Mark walks an average of 3 gallons per 1000 feet]


How does your fertilization process differ from the self applications done by the homeowner?

It is difficult to control weeds with bag fertilizer. With liquid fertilizer, there is better contact with the weed which kills them more efficiently, especially in the spring.  Liquid fertilizer offers a residual kill by absorbing through the plant versus the soil.


File_002 (6)

[This 300 gallon tank holds herbicide for weeds and fertilizer]


What general advice do you have for homeowners taking care of their lawn? Especially those that are considering resale in the next year or two.

Especially if you are planning on selling your home in the near future, I would hire a professional service in time to do 2 applications. This will be to start the fertilization process and stimulate the grass. From there, you can make the decision if the lawn needs more attention.


What is the biggest mistake you see in lawn care?

The biggest mistake you can make in lawn care is doing nothing at all. You have invested time and money in to your home, so it is important to keep up with lawn care just as it’s important to keep up with maintenance. Rather then ‘letting it go’, doing a couple applications a year and a little up keep will save you a major headache down the line.


If you want ideas on how to get your house looking its best, give me a call or text at 605.261.8396, I would love to bounce around some ideas! And for a beautiful and healthy lawn, be sure to contact Everhart Landscaping! 


Welcome Home.

I may be giving away my secret here, but I wanted to share about what I’ve been doing for a closing gift for my clients. It has been the most fun creating a fun gift for them to find in their new home. I LOVE surprises! And I love thanking my clients in a unique way for choosing me as their realtor. It means more than they know.

Keeping with my philosophy of shopping local, every goodie I put in my basket is purchased from a local business. I figure my job is selling Sioux Falls, so I better support Sioux Falls in any way that I can. Plus, you find way more unique and fun things at the smaller shops.


File_001 (5)

[Welcome home gift for my clients with a young family]

I start with purchasing a bottle of champagne and a salty snack at Lewis Drug. Their fridge is probably pretty empty, and a glass of champagne sounds like the perfect break from all the moving they will be doing. I also found this fun house puzzle at Lewis Drug. Way to help me stick with the theme, Lewis.

There are also many other local toy stores that I look forward to stopping in for future gifts for the kids!


File_000 (2)

[Gift ideas at Josephine’s Floral]

My next stop is Josephine’s Floral at 8th & Railroad where I pick out a plant of some kind that will live longer than a flower, to remind them of this exciting change in their life. There are so many cute items in this store, I love stopping by!



[Macarons at CH Patisserie]

Last but not least, I stop by CH Patisserie for a sweet treat to add to the basket. If you have been here, I’m sure your experience can speak more to this store’s awesomeness than I can. And if you haven’t, you should make it your next stop. Every dessert is delicately and thoughtfully made, and not to mention delicious. We are lucky to have a dessert place of this caliber downtown Sioux Falls.



[Sofa by Furniture MART]

Finish it off with a hand written thank you, and a gift card to Furniture MART,  my custom welcome home basket is complete! A perfect mix of practical and indulgence gifts to kick of their first few days in their new home!

I am so glad I made the leap in to real estate, it has been such a FUN and rewarding job. I would love to work with you NEXT!


p: 605.261.8396

e: sadiehalberstadt@kw.com

Party Planning Pointers From the RDE Team

Did you or someone you know get engaged over the holiday weekend? Fourth of July is a great day to POP the question, and if you did, now is the time to start planning with an experienced and creative team.

I have been friends with Redefined Designs & Events  owner Lucy Henglefelt since I was a sophomore in high school and she was yelling  at me to stay in a straight line during colorguard practice for the LHS marching band. Those were the good old days.

Since then, I have witnessed Lucy on her creative journey to owning her own event planning business. She is truly passionate about what she does whether she is planning a wedding, dinner party or house warming party. No question you will want this girl and her team for your next event.



[Lucy and I bookending a photo during a Christmas Party she hosted for us girls. All LHS colorguard alum]


How would you plan a housewarming party different than a shower or wedding?

A housewarming should be more laid back than a formal gathering such as a shower/wedding. The key is keeping things simple so you can enjoy the festivities with your guests as well.


[ Simple but cute centerpiece]

What do you believe are appropriate gifts for a housewarming party?

Make sure it’s something small, a bottle of wine or perhaps a gift card to a local home improvement store-projects always pile up with newly found home ownership.

Who should you invite to a housewarming party?

Whoever you would like to see your new home! Just make sure the guest list isn’t too much for your new space to handle.

What is your favorite event to plan?

Weddings are my favorite-being a part of a couple’s special day is an amazing honor. Guiding couple’s through the wedding planning process and helping them make informed and educated decisions is my passion! Assisting them in making their wedding dreams a reality gives me such joy.



[I don’t know about you, but this RDE Crew looks FUN]

How did you make the leap of starting your own event business?

With a bachelors degree in interior design I always knew I wanted to pursue a career that would challenge me and fulfill my creative side. I didn’t discover the world of wedding planning until I was planning my own wedding and felt I had a knack for it. Five years later-here we are!

Any fun facts or stories about parties you’ve planned?

The best party I ever planned was a joint birthday party for two special little girls that were turning 8 and 3. They had no idea about the party and when they arrived they were super surprised to see a photo booth and pink everywhere.


[Themed birthday party]


Getting married and purchasing a new home are two of the most monumental events in a person’s life. Let Lucy and I guide you through these amazing, but stressful times. And once the home buying process has closed, she can throw an amazing house warming party to celebrate!

See Lucy and her team this Saturday at 9 a.m. at the beautiful Blue Haven Barn and Gardens for a bridal brunch by GonnaGetWed. It’s going to be a great event to meet numerous wedding vendors in this new venue!

And once you’ve taken the leap into marriage, contact me at 605.261.8396 to talk about purchasing your first home as husband and wife. Exciting times!


Visit the Redefined Designs & Events Facebook page!

Visit the Sadie Halberstadt – Keller Williams Facebook page!

A Home Isn’t a Home Without a Pet

Owner of Woofs & Waves, Justin Shatto and I are both proud graduates of Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls. It’s unbelievable to think it has been close to ten years since we shared those halls together and thought we knew what living in the ‘real world’ would really be like.  Nothing makes me feel older than scrolling through LinkedIn to see old high school classmates and the variety of impressive titles that they hold.

Justin is no exception. He has kept his full time job at the Diamond Room while opening Woofs & Waves with friend Mark Olesen, and continues to juggle both by being in the store a couple days a week and doing the business planning and paperwork on nights and weekends. Now that is passion and dedication for ya. Read below about Justin’s new business venture and what you can expect to find at Woofs & Waves, located on the east side of Sioux Falls.


What made you realize pet care was a passion and potential career instead of just a hobby?

I’ve known since I was 14 that I wanted to own a pet store. My first job was at an independent pet store and it was there that I found my passion for animals and helping people find the best food and products for their pets. I really looked up to the owners of the store and saw their passion for the business and their customers and that was infectious. My passion for fish and aquariums comes from my business partner, Mark. I have learned everything I know from him over the past 13 years and still have a ways to go before I know a fraction of what he does.

File_003 (1)

[Justin and I at Woofs & Waves which opened in November of 2015]


How did you decide on what products to focus on?

I can proudly say that we have the best team in Sioux Falls with a combined 50+ years of experience. Our two full time gals, Ginger and Christine, are responsible for filling our shelves and knowing what products sell and are always looking at new products. Without them this would not have been possible. They were in charge of ordering at their previous employer and it was a perfect fit to have them continue their responsibilities at Woofs & Waves. We are truly blessed that they have been with us from the beginning.


In your opinion, what are the best brands of dog food?
We carry a wide variety of great dog, and cat, foods for your furry friends. There is not one brand of dog food that is perfect for all dogs, because every animal is different has different nutrition requirements. To answer your question, I would go with either Nutri Source, Fromm, Tuscan Naturals or Orijen/Acana.

File_001 (2)

[Nutri Source dog food for any size dog]


What pets do you have at home?
I have a four-legged daughter, Ava. She is a 2 year old German Shorthair Pointer. She loves going out and running freely in the fields or finding pheasants. While she loves swimming in the water, she hates duck hunting because she doesn’t have the patience to sit there and wait, nor does she have the ability. She always has to be running. I also have a 90 gallon freshwater aquarium with African Cichlids in it.

File_002 (3)

[If you know me, you know I had to check out the Kitty toys]


Do you have any advice for new pet owners?
Advice for new pet owners is, come in and see us at Woofs & Waves. There is a lot of information when it comes to new dogs/cats or fish. Stop in and ask us! We are here to help.


Any other fun facts?
Be sure to keep in contact with us as we are going to be having some exciting specials and potential giveaways over the next months! Connect with us on Facebook by liking our page and be sure to stop out for our Grand Opening celebration on Saturday, June 11th! We will have many in-store specials and be giving away a lot of prizes including FOUR $100 gift cards, a 55 gallon fish aquarium, ONE YEAR supply of Nutri Source dog food and more.


File_000 (6)

[This octopus is not for sale, but so fun to watch. Stop by and check him out!]


If you are looking for a trusted source for pet care items, stop in to see Justin and his crew at Woofs & Waves. And especially make time to stop in THIS SATURDAY for their grand opening! I love supporting local businesses, and you should too. It is what keeps Sioux Falls great.

And if your furry friend is laking yard space, or you need a new home before you can bring home your furry friend, give me a call or text 605.261.8396! We will look for properties with a fenced in yard, close to parks or other pet friendly features. Because we all know, a home is not a home without a pet!

Click here to ‘Like’ my Facbook page!

Click here to learn more about Woofs & Waves!


Organization Starts with a Plan. A Plan to ‘Let Lisa Organize It’

It’s a word we hear almost every day, and a trait that most everyone could admit to being terrible at or could at least use improvement: Organization. An organized home or office leads to more time, more space, and more money. And Lisa Soma of Organizing by Lisa, is the one to help you maximize your time and wallet by using her professional organizing skills.

Whether you are getting ready to move, need help meal prepping, or just need to de-clutter, Lisa will free you from the burden of an unorganized space. As a realtor, I have already seen a number of homes that could benefit from Lisa’s services. The empty nesters ready to downsize need to eliminate years of purchases to fit in their new home. The busy and distressed mom trying to take care of everyone and the house needs another set of hands so she can spend more time with her family. The young couple getting ready to move may not need a professional stager, but a couple hours of organization can make all the difference in the time their house is on the market.

After just a few interactions, I can tell Lisa is a genuine person who enjoys sharing her talent to help others. I look forward to working with her in the future for mutual clients!


How did you get started in the home organizing business?
I got started in the home organizing business when my children started leaving the nest. I had worked from home for 18 years as a home childcare provider. I knew that I was no longer needed at home and started looking into what I wanted to do next. Get another degree? No. Work for someone else? No. Organize for other people? Yes! But was this something someone would hire me for? I started researching professional organizers and my world started to change. I had found that my passion could also be my work.



[Organizing by Lisa Logo –  letlisaorganize.com]


What is the most common mistake or problem you see in homes regarding organization?

The biggest problem I see in organization is that people do not have a plan. Most people tell me they are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Knowing how to sort items and how to put like items together is important. Knowing where and how to store items is also important. For instance storing utensils and plates and bowls near the dishwasher for easy access when putting them away. Or having a tote in the bathroom or linen closet with your first aid items in it. I often times see band aids mixed in with light bulbs mixed in with glue sticks. Like things should be stored together. Storage shouldn’t be random. Things are easier to find when in logical places.


What is your favorite room to organize and why?
My favorite room to organize is the kitchen. It has been my experience that unorganized people spend and waste way too much money on groceries. I like organizing kitchens because it gives me the chance to coach people on menu planning, shopping and on ways to save money.



[Lisa Soma, master organizer] 

What tips do you have for a homeowner to stay organized?

Tips to staying organized. REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF STUFF YOU OWN! Too much stuff is the biggest problem I see. Too many books, too many toys, too many clothes. Finish what you have before you open more. Too often I see bottles or containers with a little bit of product left in them. For instance a new bottle of shampoo. You may be intrigued by the smell of the new product and start using it. The almost finished bottle gets put under the sink. Your intention may be to use it up later, but usually the bottle gets shoved to the back of the cupboard and forgotten. Pick up as you go. It may seem monotonous but once you get into the habit it will be like second nature. Having a schedule, writing notes and delegating chores are also ways to stay organized.



[If your kitchen looks like this, call Lisa!]


Are you ever stumped on how to organize something?
Photos can be hard for me to organize with a client. People change as they age and I can not always tell who is who from one time period to another.


Any other fun facts?

There are a lot of people who are ashamed or embarrassed by the amount of stuff they have. I want everyone to know you are not alone! I would like to be able to help everyone! Sometimes the emotional attachments are very strong and having someone to help talk you through the de-cluttering, downsizing and/or organizing tasks is extremely helpful. I have a good ear and love seeing the transformations that have taken place in the clients I have been able to work with. Relief, hope and motivation are the things I provide my clients with. I coach them in how to save time, space and money.


The time to organize is before you move. If you are looking to be in a new home in the next few months, contact me at 605.261.8396 or sadiehalberstadt@kw.com and we will discuss a plan while I connect you with the best vendors in town to help with every aspect of your move.

This process doesn’t have to be an anxiety-ridden chore. I guarantee the time spent buying or selling your home will be a stress free and borderline FUN experience. I look forward to working with you!


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