I’m a new mom! A dog mom that is. Bringing a new member in to the family, whether that be of the human or furry kind, is a big adjustment. Everyone needs to discover their new role to make the household flow as easy as before the addition. While it was a tough decision to bring a puppy in to the house with our two overly adored cats, we are so glad we did.

I got a case of puppy fever that I could not shake, which left me searching the internet for rescue programs in the tri-state region. Jaime and I will some day bring home a golden retriever but we also felt called to bring home a rescue pup. I found lots of great organizations, but the one that had a litter of puppies that caught our eye was Happy Tails Rescue. It is a non-profit foster program in the Minneapolis area that rescues cats and dogs until they can find their forever home. If you are in the market for a dog I highly suggest checking out their Facebook page!

After meeting him at an adoption event, we drove to and from Maple Grove, MN, last Tuesday to pick up Charlie.  While Jaime and I grew up with dogs, this is our first dog as adults. This is a new adventure for us and think the first week as puppy parents has gone quite well.


[Charlie at 8 weeks]

[Doesn’t get any sweeter than that. Mom is pictured below and listed as a cocker mix. Dad is unknown.]

[This is mom, Pamela, who was also in the foster program. She was adopted last week along with her 6 puppies. We hope our pup is as cute and sweet as her!]


Tips For House Training

  1. Regular Feeding Times – We feed Charlie twice a day at roughly the same time for his consistency
  2. Crate Training – Charlie sleeps in his crate at night and has done surprisingly well. We get up once in the night to let him potty, but there was only crying the first two nights home. Dogs do not want to soil where they sleep so it teaches them to hold it.
  3. Treats And Praise – When Charlie goes outside we give him a small treat and lots of praise. After one week he is now going to the door when he has to go. We have to act fast, but I think we’re headed in the right direction!


[Our friend Mesa at the 12th street dog park]


Who are my fellow puppy lovers out there? We will now be having all meetings and appointments at the dog park. Call or text 605.261.8396 or visit my Facebook page, Charlie and I would love to get together!