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Month: September 2016

The Other Halberstadt.

I am probably the only wife in town that doesn’t buy her husband clothes on his birthday or Christmas. That is one battle I am blessed not to have as Jaime most often looks more put together than I do when we head out the door. He has a long history of well dressed men in his family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Halberstadt’s Men’s Clothiers was started in St. Cloud, MN, in 1975 by his grandpa Jim. In 1988, Jaime’s father, Jeff, expanded the business by moving to Sioux Falls and then opened additional locations in Rapid City and Des Moines. Jaime worked part-time at the Galleria store during high school and college, but it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that he made the leap full-time and realized his passions and skills lie in the family business of providing the midwest with top of the line service and men’s clothing brands.


What is special to you about running a third generation local business?

I am incredibly lucky to have the trust and support of my dad Jeff, whom I see as not just one of the most talented clothing retailers around the region, but also the best mentor I could have. It’s truly a family-run business; it’s not unusual to see me, my mom Marcie, and my dad working special events together, reviewing lines at trade shows, reviewing ad campaigns, etc. My grandparents Jim and Sandy will drop in from time-to-time to keep me in check as well. Work is still work at times of course but it’s really gratifying to me to create something with your family that becomes special to others as well.



[Pictures of the three generations at J.H & Sons downtown Sioux Falls]


Any tips for keeping your shoes and clothes looking sharp while stored in your closet?

For leather shoes, I cannot stress enough the importance of cedar shoe-trees. Shoe trees can remove moisture and help keep the shape of your shoes over time. They are an absolute must. As far as clothing is concerned, spacing is important. For instance, if a few suits and sport coats are jammed together on a rack, the jacket linings, lapels, and pockets can get wrinkled overnight. This can of course be difficult with limited closet space, which is why I recommend donating any clothing you’re on the fence about.

While on your buying trips, how do you decide what items and trends to bring home to Sioux Falls?

We keep in mind what has done well in the recent past, but our main focus is on (1) brands that are getting attention internationally but have not been carried yet in Sioux Falls and (2) emerging brands that are doing something a little differently than the rest. Good quality and styling are always the basis for any clothing we bring in. As far as new trends go, if the taste level of the garment is there and it’s fresh and exciting, chances are we’ll pick it up. I always look forward most to the more unique pieces; I think we take our title of “specialty store” very seriously. We buy as a full-service men’s clothier while significantly testing the limits of what can be sold in a smaller market like ours. We are constantly searching for interesting clothing not yet available here.



[Jean wall at J.H. & Sons downtown Sioux Falls]


What are a few of your favorite pieces right now?

Bruun & Stengade continues to be a stellar dress and casual shirt line for us. They have a great mix of offerings from brighter micro-patterns to knitted and textured fall fabrics in cool greys and blues. A new line I’m very excited about is Ring Jacket out of Osaka, Japan. They specialize in making off-the-rack clothing as impressive as custom clothing. Plus the jackets are insanely comfortable.



[Bruun & Stengade]


[Ring Jacket]


What do you love most about the Sioux Falls community?

As it relates to the business, our community has been very receptive to the new and unique perspective we bring to men’s clothing. On a wider scale, I am constantly amazed by the amount of talent, intellect, and personality in this city. It’s inspiring.

How do you feel about being married to the most kind and good looking realtor in Sioux Falls?

Best thing to ever happen to me. She’s so humble, too.



[September 25, 2015]


Jaime is the manager of the downtown Sioux Falls store J.H. & Sons Clothier and can help you be the best dressed at the office, assist with styling your current items, or tell you what it’s time to part with. And when your closet becomes too small, it’s time to talk to Mrs. Halberstadt and I will get you in to a bigger home, and a bigger closet.

The two of us look forward to MANY more years in this growing community and helping Sioux Falls look and feel their best in both their clothes and home!


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Today is the Day

Happy first day of the autumnal equinox! AKA the season of flannel, bon fires and pumpkin flavored everything.  While the cooler temperatures are welcomed after the many hot and humid days we had this summer, it is with great hesitance that I say hello to fall, and goodbye to my favorite season.


However, there are many positives about fall, and today I am sharing one of my favorites. This fall inspired craft has been a staple of mine the past few years since it is so simple and oh so adorable.



The supplies you will need are a mum, a pumpkin about the size of your mum pot, ribbon, a pin, and tools to carve your pumpkin. This perfect pumpkin and mum were purchased at Lewis Drug. (side note: all perennials at Lewis are 75% off so stop by the 41st and Minn. location for the biggest selection!)



Step 1: Carve the top of your pumpkin the size of your mum pot so it can easily fit inside. You can discard the lid, you will not need it.



Step 2: Tie your ribbon in to a bow and use the straight pin to attach it to your pumpkin. (side note #2: For those observant folks, ribbon above is different than the one pictured in the supplies photo above. I decided the red ribbon looked a little too Christmas-y than what I was going for.)


And that’s all there is to it! When watering your mum, take it out of the pumpkin and let it drain. We want to extend the life of your pumpkin and not let it get moldy too soon!



Another collateral benefit of this craft is the seeds you are left with. A little seasoning and time in the oven, you have a delicious snack!


I hope you and your family are enjoying all the fall activities the Sioux Falls area provides, and if you still need to decorate for the season, keep this craft in mind!


Enjoy this beautiful change of season my Sioux Falls friends!


Sunday Funday Realtor Style

The change of seasons seems to get me in a shopping mood. And what more fun thing to shop for than a new house! Let’s get you in to a new house before Jack Frost makes his bitter return to the midwest. Which means we should start the hunt today!

This Sunday I will be hosting an open house at 3012 W Courtyard Lane in Sioux Falls from 1- 2:30 p.m. This 4 bedroom, 3 bath home with a three stall garage has all the room you would need for a growing family!



[Located in southern Sioux Falls with new roof in 2015]



[Walk out leads to spacious backyard and entertainment space]



[Open floor plan and stainless steel appliances]



[Stop by for a sweet treat!]


To see more of this gorgeous home, come visit me this Sunday! If you’re unavailable, we can set up a private showing that works with your schedule.

And if you want to know what other open houses are happening, contact me about my free mobile app that allows you to see that information and more!


Have a great weekend Sioux Falls!

Back to School to Prove to Dad I’m Not a Fool

I’ve felt a few hints of fall in the air as I head to work in the mornings. I’ve seen the uproar of excitement for the return of the pumpkin spice latte and I’ve seen seasonal businesses close their doors one by one. This can only mean one thing. Time for BACK TO SCHOOL!

The Sioux Falls School District started school this week, which means all the kiddos of the Sioux Empire are back in the classroom and ready for the 2016-2017 year. Maybe some of you mom’s and dad’s weren’t ready to send your little ones to the next grade, but I have some helpful tips to make sure your home is ready for this transition back to school.



Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.46.44 PM

Mornings before school are always a hectic time. Click the picture for ideas on how to organize your home for a smooth routine. Find organization tips and ideas on how to make your kids’ room a workable environment for studying.


Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 1.45.51 PM

Planning for school lunches can get tiring after a few weeks. Click the picture to read a blog with multiple ideas to keep lunches exciting for your kids. There are also a few tips on how to stay organized so your lunch prep time is kept to a minimum.


It was fun to see everyone’s back to school photos even though that means the end of summer, my favorite season. It will be a great autumn season, and I wish everyone a successful school year, no matter your age!

Winter will be here before you know it, so if you want to be in a new home before the cold weather hits, give me a call [605.261.8396]. We will find something with a bigger kitchen or mud room to make those school mornings even easier!

The Greatest Show on H2O

Catfish Bay is so much more than a water ski show.  In 2007, when the team debuted its new mission of “building youth, strengthening families, and creating leaders with the Greatest Show on H20”, I thought to my teenage self at the time, “that’s kind of cheesy, but our team gets new wetsuits and signs, so that’s cool”.

After many years on the team, and returning as an adult after a few year hiatus, I now whole-heartedly support and believe in this mission. I have witnessed and benefitted from life-long friendships created on this team, watched kids find a place to finally fit in and mature, and participated with dozens of others in multiple volunteer opportunities, all while making it to Friday night to put on an awesome ski show for the people of Sioux Falls.

This small man-made lake is immeasurably special to countless people. I would love to see you at a show not only to support my hard work and passion for water-skiing as a sport, but to also support the mission of Catfish Bay so it is here for many years to come.  This place changes lives and gives back to the community. We are blessed to have such a place here in Sioux Falls thanks to the Jim Bruns family.


To learn more about the bay, I sat down with Jim, owner and founder of Catfish Bay, at one of our last practices for the 2016 season this week:

How did your passion for water skiing turn in to Catfish Bay?

During the summer of 1985 Jim joined a small group of skiers called the Sioux Falls Water Ski Club at Wall Lake. After that first year, their boat met an untimely end, and while Jim succeeded in being the top fundraiser to replace it (not an easy task at 15-years-old), it was not enough to save the team. Jim went on to ski in shows in the Black Hills, Shakopee, and Sea World before returning to South Dakota where he lived on Lake Campell and attended classes at SDSU. This is where the idea of having his own water ski team was born. After practices at Beaver Lake and Lake Madison with a handful of skiers in the summer of 1992 proved to be time-consuming and difficult, Jim saw a contractor pumping water that would soon turn in to a lake during the reconstruction of the I-90 bridge. With a handshake, Jim bought the current location of Catfish Bay as a college student and hosted his first ski show the summer of 1994.  It is another story for another day to tell of the struggles, hard work, dedication and passion Jim possessed during these years and since to make Catfish Bay what it is today.



[Ballet Line – All us girls are on a single ski with the rope on our left foot]

How does Catfish Bay add to the Sioux Falls community?

Catfish Bay adds quality of life to Sioux Falls. We are a family-friendly activity that is a short drive for anyone living in Sioux Falls that runs all summer. Having a water ski show in town is extremely unique, as most communities throughout the country do not have one. Catfish Bay has also provided the opportunity for dozens of our team members to water ski professionally at places such a Sea World, Lego Land, and other locations all around the world.



[Barefoot skiing on a Saturday morning]

What do you wish more people in Sioux Falls knew about Catfish Bay?

Jim wishes more people made a habit of attending a show every year. We receive all the positive feedback in the world on our shows, but the general consensus while meeting people in town, is that it’s been a number of years since they’ve been to a show. We truly put on a quality show with new acts every year that we would love to share with the amazing and growing community of Sioux Falls.

How does Catfish Bay compare to other team sports?

Like other sports, being apart of Catfish Bay requires skill, teamwork and practice to put on a good show. What makes water skiing unique, is that a five-year-old and fifty-year-old can participate on the same team. And no matter your age, you can learn the skills to be apart of the team.



[Pyramid practice back in 2009]

What are your hopes for Catfish Bay in the future?

The main vision for Catfish Bay is what it’s been for many years and what it will continue to be, a place where people want to be, see and ski. It would also be a dream to have sold out shows and a waiting list for volunteers and skiers.


As a skier I sell discounted tickets. If you would like to take your family or would like to know more about the team, give me a call or text at 605.261.8396.


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