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Month: August 2016

The Grass Will Be Greener With Mark Everhart

Don’t be the neighbor with the untamed, weed-infested lawn that everyone rolls their eyes at while driving by. Be the neighbor with an elusive green lawn without a dandelion in sight. You will thank yourself later for the incomparable curb appeal.  Mark Everhart, owner of Everhart Landscaping, can perform regular mowing, keep the weeds out, and maintain a healthy lawn for you and your family. I have known Mark a few years now and can attest to his honest, hardworking and passionate service. He truly cares about your lawn and will take the time to explain his work and the benefit it provides. I love having a green, weed-free lawn with out breaking the bank!

Below are paraphrased answers from Mark about his fertilization process and why he loves seeing and treating home owner’s green lawns!


How did you get started in landscaping?
I got started in the lawn service after driving my stepfathers car across the Canton practice football field in the spring of 1976. I had to fill the ruts and seed grass. Twenty years later, I fell in love with taking care of grass at a Reformed Church Ministry in Annville, Kentucky. Forty years later I am still taking care of grass.


File_000 (17)

[Mark doing a spring application on my lawn in Sioux Falls]


What do you love most about taking care of other’s lawns?

I love the business and personal relationships I create with customers. I also enjoy the beauty of a nourished lawn. I believe a healthy and beautiful lawn is an experience and can contribute to your overall health.



File_001 (8)

[Mark walks an average of 3 gallons per 1000 feet]


How does your fertilization process differ from the self applications done by the homeowner?

It is difficult to control weeds with bag fertilizer. With liquid fertilizer, there is better contact with the weed which kills them more efficiently, especially in the spring.  Liquid fertilizer offers a residual kill by absorbing through the plant versus the soil.


File_002 (6)

[This 300 gallon tank holds herbicide for weeds and fertilizer]


What general advice do you have for homeowners taking care of their lawn? Especially those that are considering resale in the next year or two.

Especially if you are planning on selling your home in the near future, I would hire a professional service in time to do 2 applications. This will be to start the fertilization process and stimulate the grass. From there, you can make the decision if the lawn needs more attention.


What is the biggest mistake you see in lawn care?

The biggest mistake you can make in lawn care is doing nothing at all. You have invested time and money in to your home, so it is important to keep up with lawn care just as it’s important to keep up with maintenance. Rather then ‘letting it go’, doing a couple applications a year and a little up keep will save you a major headache down the line.


If you want ideas on how to get your house looking its best, give me a call or text at 605.261.8396, I would love to bounce around some ideas! And for a beautiful and healthy lawn, be sure to contact Everhart Landscaping! 


OPEN HOUSE: 39 Rooms / 10 Bath – Glensheen Mansion

This past weekend I was able to travel to Duluth, Minnesota, for the first time to visit a college roommate. We hiked around the gorgeous Gooseberry Falls, ate fish and chips at tourist filled Canal Park, tried different beers at multiple brewery’s and admired the beauty of Lake Superior.

Another highlight of the trip was touring the Glensheen Mansion. It is the family home of Chester and Clara Congdon who found their fortune after Chester assisted with the development of the iron and copper mining resources of the Lake Superior area and was also a lawyer with a successful firm in Duluth. The 39 room home was finished in 1908 costing $854,000, which is an estimated $21 million in today’s dollars. The mansion was donated to the University of Duluth in 1968 and has since continued to be restored and be seen by over 100,000 visitors a year.


File_004 (2)

[Me at the front door of the Glensheen Mansion. Open year round for tours.]


File_000 (16)

[Chester and Clara’s son Walter’s room. Blue signified first born of the family.]



[One of the 15 fireplaces in the mansion located in daughter Helen’s room. ]


File_001 (7)

[Stenciling on the walls was painted over in the 1970’s. It costs hundreds of dollars to restore a section as small as one of those birds.]


File_003 (3)

[Glensheen has 10 bathrooms. And only men used the shower because it was believed women’s skin was too delicate.]


File_002 (5)

[There is 16 inches of concrete between each floor, eliminating most of the creaking. The architect had only created sky scrapers until the Glensheen Mansion.]



[Second generation gardner for the mansion lived on site until 2004 when he entered a nursing home.]


There are so many other fun facts I learned about this historic mansion I don’t have space to share, so I suggest you making a trip to Duluth to tour the mansion yourself! It is definitely worth the stop.  If you could afford it, would you want to live in a 39 room home? I honestly don’t think I would! But I would love to hear about your idea of a dream home.  Coffee’s on me, give me a call at 605.261.8396.

“So Powerful, So Unbelievable, And It’s True”. 

I was lucky enough to be in college during the 2008 economic crisis.  While I worked some jobs part-time, I was studying full-time so I wasn’t doing any serious job-hunting when many companies were at risk or significantly tightening their belts.  I didn’t own a home yet so “sub-prime loans” and “adjustable-rate mortgages” didn’t mean a whole lot to me. I was in college bliss, the worst of my worries were paper deadlines and making it to my 8 a.m. class.

While it is by no means a documentary, the movie The Big Short opened my eyes to this time in history and how some people got themselves in major financial trouble. The movie The Big Short is at times confusing, but a fascinating moving with an unbelievably talented (and not to mention beautiful) cast. Check out the trailer below if you haven’t seen it!



As realtors, our team is rarely in the office at the same time. So I planned a mid-week movie night for The Nelson Group to get together, eat some food, have some laughs, and chat about a movie that relates to what brings us all together, the housing market.

I can’t begin to articulate our great discussion after the movie, but I’ll just tell you it was fun to discuss the similarities and differences of the 2008 housing market compared to now, and how the crash affected Sioux Falls.  The Big Short is a must see and is now on Netflix!


File_000 (15)


[Team Selfie! After Kaylee and Beth had to leave]


Mortgages, the housing market and knowing when to buy or sell are all difficult subjects to understand. I want to answer all of your questions and help you make the best decisions for you and your family. Call 605.261.8396 to chat about your housing dreams today!


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