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Month: July 2016

IGNITE. AKA Realtor Bootcamp

It is week two of four of a unique training class custom-made by Keller Williams for its agents called IGNITE, or what I would call, realtor bootcamp. It is meant to spark your career and provide the necessary accountability every realtor needs. This is my first opportunity to take the 3-day-per-week class which lasts 2 hours each morning. It costs a mere $30 for the printed manual, and the class is free.

I have never been a part of or even heard of a company that truly lives by the philosophy that if you give back to your employees/agents, they will in turn give back to you. This company has unmatched training and is placing the tools we need to be successful in our lap. I still have a long way to go in getting all my systems in place and even more to learn about the real estate world, but with my company’s support I feel confident and secure in laying the groundwork for a successful future.


File_001 (6)

[Our fearless leader, Patrick Showers]


File_000 (10)

[Full house in the Keller Williams training room]


Each “session” has a real estate discussion topic and the opportunity to share stories and suggestions. So far, we have discussed open houses, home staging, listings and more. The class is fast-paced and I’m thankful to have the manual to reference after class.

At the end of each class, we are tasked with HOMEWORK, or better known as “things we realtors should be doing anyway”, such as sending a certain amount of notecards, making a number of calls, and making new connections. There have also been a few fun and simple contests to make life exciting.



[Branded note cards in a mailbox near you]


Although frustrating and difficult at times, this class has forced me to do the lead generating that agents often overlook, given me ideas on how to market myself better, and, most importantly, shown me how to serve my clients better.


I’m so excited for my future and to help more of you amazing Sioux Falls residents. It truly is “sweet home Sioux Falls.”

Welcome Home.

I may be giving away my secret here, but I wanted to share about what I’ve been doing for a closing gift for my clients. It has been the most fun creating a fun gift for them to find in their new home. I LOVE surprises! And I love thanking my clients in a unique way for choosing me as their realtor. It means more than they know.

Keeping with my philosophy of shopping local, every goodie I put in my basket is purchased from a local business. I figure my job is selling Sioux Falls, so I better support Sioux Falls in any way that I can. Plus, you find way more unique and fun things at the smaller shops.


File_001 (5)

[Welcome home gift for my clients with a young family]

I start with purchasing a bottle of champagne and a salty snack at Lewis Drug. Their fridge is probably pretty empty, and a glass of champagne sounds like the perfect break from all the moving they will be doing. I also found this fun house puzzle at Lewis Drug. Way to help me stick with the theme, Lewis.

There are also many other local toy stores that I look forward to stopping in for future gifts for the kids!


File_000 (2)

[Gift ideas at Josephine’s Floral]

My next stop is Josephine’s Floral at 8th & Railroad where I pick out a plant of some kind that will live longer than a flower, to remind them of this exciting change in their life. There are so many cute items in this store, I love stopping by!



[Macarons at CH Patisserie]

Last but not least, I stop by CH Patisserie for a sweet treat to add to the basket. If you have been here, I’m sure your experience can speak more to this store’s awesomeness than I can. And if you haven’t, you should make it your next stop. Every dessert is delicately and thoughtfully made, and not to mention delicious. We are lucky to have a dessert place of this caliber downtown Sioux Falls.



[Sofa by Furniture MART]

Finish it off with a hand written thank you, and a gift card to Furniture MART,  my custom welcome home basket is complete! A perfect mix of practical and indulgence gifts to kick of their first few days in their new home!

I am so glad I made the leap in to real estate, it has been such a FUN and rewarding job. I would love to work with you NEXT!


p: 605.261.8396

e: sadiehalberstadt@kw.com

Party Planning Pointers From the RDE Team

Did you or someone you know get engaged over the holiday weekend? Fourth of July is a great day to POP the question, and if you did, now is the time to start planning with an experienced and creative team.

I have been friends with Redefined Designs & Events  owner Lucy Henglefelt since I was a sophomore in high school and she was yelling  at me to stay in a straight line during colorguard practice for the LHS marching band. Those were the good old days.

Since then, I have witnessed Lucy on her creative journey to owning her own event planning business. She is truly passionate about what she does whether she is planning a wedding, dinner party or house warming party. No question you will want this girl and her team for your next event.



[Lucy and I bookending a photo during a Christmas Party she hosted for us girls. All LHS colorguard alum]


How would you plan a housewarming party different than a shower or wedding?

A housewarming should be more laid back than a formal gathering such as a shower/wedding. The key is keeping things simple so you can enjoy the festivities with your guests as well.


[ Simple but cute centerpiece]

What do you believe are appropriate gifts for a housewarming party?

Make sure it’s something small, a bottle of wine or perhaps a gift card to a local home improvement store-projects always pile up with newly found home ownership.

Who should you invite to a housewarming party?

Whoever you would like to see your new home! Just make sure the guest list isn’t too much for your new space to handle.

What is your favorite event to plan?

Weddings are my favorite-being a part of a couple’s special day is an amazing honor. Guiding couple’s through the wedding planning process and helping them make informed and educated decisions is my passion! Assisting them in making their wedding dreams a reality gives me such joy.



[I don’t know about you, but this RDE Crew looks FUN]

How did you make the leap of starting your own event business?

With a bachelors degree in interior design I always knew I wanted to pursue a career that would challenge me and fulfill my creative side. I didn’t discover the world of wedding planning until I was planning my own wedding and felt I had a knack for it. Five years later-here we are!

Any fun facts or stories about parties you’ve planned?

The best party I ever planned was a joint birthday party for two special little girls that were turning 8 and 3. They had no idea about the party and when they arrived they were super surprised to see a photo booth and pink everywhere.


[Themed birthday party]


Getting married and purchasing a new home are two of the most monumental events in a person’s life. Let Lucy and I guide you through these amazing, but stressful times. And once the home buying process has closed, she can throw an amazing house warming party to celebrate!

See Lucy and her team this Saturday at 9 a.m. at the beautiful Blue Haven Barn and Gardens for a bridal brunch by GonnaGetWed. It’s going to be a great event to meet numerous wedding vendors in this new venue!

And once you’ve taken the leap into marriage, contact me at 605.261.8396 to talk about purchasing your first home as husband and wife. Exciting times!


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