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Month: May 2016

What is a Picture Really Worth?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or in my opinion, you can make a picture whatever you want it to be. Maybe it is my past marketing experience, or my years long love of design, but there is something about an info-graphic that I am drawn too. The power of communicating a complicated or dull subject to a consumer can be made both inviting and effective when you combine words and images in the right way.

Below are a few info-graphics about real estate that I found intriguing and helpful.  I hope you learn something new, or have a new found appreciation for info-graphics.



[Here are monetary facts about the benefits of working with a Realtor versus doing For Sale By Owner. I recently heard a great comparison, “Hiring a real estate agent is a lot like hiring a photographer for your wedding. Just because you CAN do it by yourself, doesn’t mean that you should”. Trust me. You’ll thank yourself in the long run for the saved money and most importantly, saved headache.]



[Most of us Generation X and Generation Y people have only known a time of low interests rates. But I am hear to tell you that will not always be the case. The market has a long history or ups and downs and real estate professionals and bankers know that the numbers will continue to ebb and flow throughout the years. So, take advantage of these low interest rates while you can!] 




[It’s hard to tell a homeowner to put away items in their house that they find attractive or special. But that is why you work with a real estate agent, to help you de-personalize, maximize, sanitize, modernize and neutralize to get that house sold ASAP. If you would like to discuss staging ideas or the possibility of putting your house on the market, give me a call! If you haven’t heard, the time is now! Sioux Falls needs more inventory!] 


To talk more real estate or ask any questions you may have, you know where to find me.    😉

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Have a great Memorial Day weekend!



Organization Starts with a Plan. A Plan to ‘Let Lisa Organize It’

It’s a word we hear almost every day, and a trait that most everyone could admit to being terrible at or could at least use improvement: Organization. An organized home or office leads to more time, more space, and more money. And Lisa Soma of Organizing by Lisa, is the one to help you maximize your time and wallet by using her professional organizing skills.

Whether you are getting ready to move, need help meal prepping, or just need to de-clutter, Lisa will free you from the burden of an unorganized space. As a realtor, I have already seen a number of homes that could benefit from Lisa’s services. The empty nesters ready to downsize need to eliminate years of purchases to fit in their new home. The busy and distressed mom trying to take care of everyone and the house needs another set of hands so she can spend more time with her family. The young couple getting ready to move may not need a professional stager, but a couple hours of organization can make all the difference in the time their house is on the market.

After just a few interactions, I can tell Lisa is a genuine person who enjoys sharing her talent to help others. I look forward to working with her in the future for mutual clients!


How did you get started in the home organizing business?
I got started in the home organizing business when my children started leaving the nest. I had worked from home for 18 years as a home childcare provider. I knew that I was no longer needed at home and started looking into what I wanted to do next. Get another degree? No. Work for someone else? No. Organize for other people? Yes! But was this something someone would hire me for? I started researching professional organizers and my world started to change. I had found that my passion could also be my work.



[Organizing by Lisa Logo –  letlisaorganize.com]


What is the most common mistake or problem you see in homes regarding organization?

The biggest problem I see in organization is that people do not have a plan. Most people tell me they are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Knowing how to sort items and how to put like items together is important. Knowing where and how to store items is also important. For instance storing utensils and plates and bowls near the dishwasher for easy access when putting them away. Or having a tote in the bathroom or linen closet with your first aid items in it. I often times see band aids mixed in with light bulbs mixed in with glue sticks. Like things should be stored together. Storage shouldn’t be random. Things are easier to find when in logical places.


What is your favorite room to organize and why?
My favorite room to organize is the kitchen. It has been my experience that unorganized people spend and waste way too much money on groceries. I like organizing kitchens because it gives me the chance to coach people on menu planning, shopping and on ways to save money.



[Lisa Soma, master organizer] 

What tips do you have for a homeowner to stay organized?

Tips to staying organized. REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF STUFF YOU OWN! Too much stuff is the biggest problem I see. Too many books, too many toys, too many clothes. Finish what you have before you open more. Too often I see bottles or containers with a little bit of product left in them. For instance a new bottle of shampoo. You may be intrigued by the smell of the new product and start using it. The almost finished bottle gets put under the sink. Your intention may be to use it up later, but usually the bottle gets shoved to the back of the cupboard and forgotten. Pick up as you go. It may seem monotonous but once you get into the habit it will be like second nature. Having a schedule, writing notes and delegating chores are also ways to stay organized.



[If your kitchen looks like this, call Lisa!]


Are you ever stumped on how to organize something?
Photos can be hard for me to organize with a client. People change as they age and I can not always tell who is who from one time period to another.


Any other fun facts?

There are a lot of people who are ashamed or embarrassed by the amount of stuff they have. I want everyone to know you are not alone! I would like to be able to help everyone! Sometimes the emotional attachments are very strong and having someone to help talk you through the de-cluttering, downsizing and/or organizing tasks is extremely helpful. I have a good ear and love seeing the transformations that have taken place in the clients I have been able to work with. Relief, hope and motivation are the things I provide my clients with. I coach them in how to save time, space and money.


The time to organize is before you move. If you are looking to be in a new home in the next few months, contact me at 605.261.8396 or sadiehalberstadt@kw.com and we will discuss a plan while I connect you with the best vendors in town to help with every aspect of your move.

This process doesn’t have to be an anxiety-ridden chore. I guarantee the time spent buying or selling your home will be a stress free and borderline FUN experience. I look forward to working with you!


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In Full Bloom with Josephine’s Floral

Fresh flowers can bring a vibrant and blissful atmosphere to any space for any occasion. They are used to congratulate, beautify a room, add ambiance to a party, and can even be used to help sell a home. I sat down with Josephine, owner of Josephine’s Floral at 8th and Railroad, for her expert advice on staging tips, graduation open house ideas and more!

Josephine’s was established in 1984 and their extremely talented and trained team has been hand-selecting flowers daily from the region’s best suppliers for their customers ever since. They offer same day delivery, custom designs and experience only a local Sioux Falls business can give.


What are a couple ways to decorate a front door using fresh flowers?
I like to use wall baskets which are flat on one side. By using a basket like this you can hide the water source for fresh flowers (the mechanics of the design) and everything stays fresh for days. You can give the bouquet as much height, width, and length as you want, creating drama where you want it! In a basket like that you could also do a display of green and blooming plants that would last through the season!


File_001 (1)

[Flat backed basket for front door]


What types of pieces have you put together for a housewarming present?
One of my favorite housewarming gifts was a wooden box with touches from several 8th and RailRoad stores. We took a large distressed wooden crate and put a very striking potted orchid in it. Then we got a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers, and a wonderful dip from Prairie Berry winery. Last, we put in a gorgeous small cake and a variety of pastries from Queen City Bakery. We wrapped the box with a wide fancy ribbon and it was awesome!!


File_000 (2)

[All sizes of house warming gifts available]


What kinds of special pieces do you have planned for high school open houses?
We have done several themed parties, from bouquets in marching band hats to ice skates to creating basketballs out of carnations.


sioux falls flowers

[basketball carnation creation for high school graduation]


What types of flowers would you suggest for someone wanting to stage their home to sell?
Green plants are a must! They don’t have to be large floor plants everywhere, even some simple ferns in a cool pot on a table warms up a room significantly! Touches of green in each room makes the world of difference I think. I would also suggest a fragrant bouquet either on a kitchen island or table, a few simple stems in a bud vase in a bathroom is a nice touch too.


What is your favorite arrangement to create?

The packed look is probably my favorite. It is a very rich look, lots and lots of blooms packed tightly without a lot of greenery. It can be quite stunning!


File_002 (1)

[Josephine and I at her floral shop at 8th and Railroad]


Any fun facts about Josephine’s?
I started out in my parents basement 33 years ago doing weddings for friends. I used a round shower curtain hanging from the ceiling and a block of dried ice for my “cooler.”


Josephine’s Floral is a quaint shop downtown Sioux Falls that has the perfect gift idea for the new home owner in your life or a stunning addition to any open house. To visit their website, click here. To visit my Facebook page for more home staging ideas or to discuss selling your home, click here or email me at sadiehalberstadt@kw.com.

Lewis Drug Becomes Destination for Lawn and Garden

The Lewis Drug Garden Center is a huge operation with 9 seasonal garden shops popping up throughout the state (6 here in Sioux Falls) from April through September. Lawn and Garden is now one of the largest and fastest growing categories for Lewis Drug, with Mother’s Day weekend knocking Black Friday sales out of the water.

The company has come a long way since being the state’s first self-service drug store opening in 1942 in downtown Sioux Falls. This long-time local business is your “First Stop” for household items, pet care, seasonal and more! With the big weekend ahead, Category Manager and Buyer of Lawn and Garden, Doug Schroeder answered a few behind the scenes questions about the Lewis Garden Shops:


What is something the average person does not know about the Lewis Garden Shop?

I do not think most people know that Lewis employees actually go to classes and take tests about all factions of lawn and garden. They have to become accredited and represent Lewis as our “experts”.


[ Yours truly at the 41st & Minnesota location]


Tell me about the growth and changes the garden shop has experienced over the years and what areas you see potential for further growth.

I believe Lewis has become a destination for Lawn and Garden. Quality, selection and having new and unique items are very important to us. It is one of our largest and fastest growing categories.


About how many people and hours does it take to create the Garden Shop each year?

I really do not know. It really depends on the year and what mother nature throws at us. I know it takes lots of hours from many talented people.


[ Garden Shop at 69th & Louise]


Where do the flowers come from? What kind of journey do they take to make it to the Garden Shop?

I really look for the best quality and selection when it comes to annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. We use three growers for annuals. Two from Michigan and one from Iowa. We use two main suppliers for perennials, shrubs and trees. These products ship from Minnesota, Illinois, Georgia, California and Oregon. There are other growers in the region that have product but not up to the Lewis standard.


[Native to the prairie, colorful and adaptable coneflowers]


Any other fun facts?

We really try to make our garden centers fun. I know people that come and walk our outdoor garden centers for relaxation and enjoyment. We have even had people have family pictures taken in our garden centers. Plus, they are always changing. What you see today will be gone tomorrow and replaced with something entirely new tomorrow.


Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Stop by Lewis to pick up the perfect and colorful gift Mom deserves!

File_000 (1)

[Countless garden decor]                                                         


[Watering can and flower combination gift]


[All sizes and varieties of potted plants]


Click here to visit the Lewis Drug website and apply for a position in the Garden Shop!

If you have questions about lawn care, gardening, or homeownership, contact me at 605.261.8396 or sadiehalberstad@kw.com.  And I can also help if it’s time to find a a property that eliminates lawn care, or if you are looking for a home to expand your garden and landscaping.

I’d love to help you find the home that suites you! Let’s chat!